With a Tape Measure and a Notebook…

Family Picture Framed

Wow!  My family sure has changed since this picture was taken in Disney Hollywood Studios.  My daughter is now as tall as I am and my son is about 9 inches taller too.  Can’t wait to get an updated picture on our trip next week.

Yes, we are headed back to Walt Disney World in less than a week.  I am picking up my tape measure and my little notebook and heading back.  I plan to update the sizes and seating for the new rides and attractions.  I know that most turnstiles are gone and are now open gates so that will make things easier entering the parks and certain rides for Pooh Sized or as I describe myself Ursala-esque people.  I am so excited to experience the changes!

I will be measuring chairs and tables at new restaurants and distances from chair back to chair back to check how far tables are spread apart.  I hate feeling like I can’t comfortably get up and down from my table without disturbing anyone behind me.  This was a huge problem 2 years ago at Boma.  I almost felt trapped the chairs were so close.

If there is anything you would like me to check out or measure let me know!  Can’t wait to come back and post all my findings.

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