The Road Back to My Life


These are my thoughts on life, kids and Walt Disney World.

I realized I had lost me somewhere along the way the past several years. I have been the perfect Mommy, wife and volunteer anyone could ask for. What I was missing was being there for me. I am going to take this year to get back to the real me and these are my thoughts along the way.

So this is my story of life, kids and my quest to learn all I can about Walt Disney World (my laughing place!) and earn my Disney PhD!

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My Favorite Snack Place in All of Walt Disney World

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What's for Dinner Moms?


Every trip we have to make a plan to stop in Epcot at the German Pavillion, at least once but usually twice,  to use some of our snack credits (and some cash) to get treats at Karamell-Kuche. If you have never stopped here, as you walked through Germany you could probably smell it. Just as you get to the door the buttery-toffee smell fills the air. If I could buy this smell as a perfume I would. It is that amazing!

Karamell-Kuche 2

There is usually a bit of a line waiting to order but that gives you time to peruse the wonderful dipped apples, pretzels, caramels and other treats in the display cases and make up your mind about what you would like.

Caramel Popcorn 2

If you are lucky as you wind your way through the shop you will see them making some of your treats and this delicious caramel corn. I detest…

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Beach Club at Walt Disney World

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What's for Dinner Moms?

Beach Club - Lobby

Lobby of the Beach Club.

To be honest we are a die-hard Value Resort family. In our past 20 trips we have stayed at Moderate Resorts twice. We did not care for the Caribbean Beach Resort. Some people love this resort. For us, it did not work. We like being close to the big pool and food court. We were about  1/4 mile away from both of these when we were at Caribbean Beach. Also, there are no elevators in the buildings so if you have any sort of mobility issue you need to be on the first floor. When we made reservations we were unaware of this fact so carrying all the luggage in and out of the room was left to the rest of my family as I could not navigate the stairs carrying anything else other than myself.

We did stay at the Fort Wilderness Cabins and…

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Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Love Epcot during the Flower and Garden Festival. Incredibly beautiful gardens and topiaries.

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What's for Dinner Moms?

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

When someone asks what my favorite time to go to Disney World is I always hesitate. I love the Food and Wine Festival or the Magic Kingdom at Christmas. I love the quite times in January/February with low crowds.  But, my favorite time is when the entire park is in bloom. This year I was invited to the Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2015 in May. My daughter and I attended the breakfast for the last day of the conference, also Mother’s Day, and headed over to Epcot to view the beautiful topiaries for the Flower and Garden Festival in Epcot.

Happy Mother's Day

Right as we entered Epcot topiaries started with Goofy and Daisy greeting guests.

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival (sign)

Donald was nearby over seeing the garden. There were tomatoes, chives, and all kinds of herbs in the garden.

Donald Duck - Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Chip and Dale were at the end of the garden ready for mischief. It looked like they…

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Liberty Tree Tavern

Thinking about the Liberty Tree Tavern as it undergoes some much needed renovations. This is a review of our last visit there.

What's for Dinner Moms?

Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Tree Tavern is closed right now for some much-needed renovations. On our last trip my daughter and I went there for dinner. It had been at least 6-7 years since we were last at this restaurant. It is amazing how a few years and a much different perspective can make you see something in a new light and realize how badly the restaurant needed to be redone.

Last time we were at this restaurant we were a young family and all of our family was ambulatory. Now, with my father using a walk/scooter and myself needing a cane after hurting my knee I could see how the set up of this restaurant would be difficult for anyone with any ambulatory issues. The lobby was set up nicely but scooters and wheelchairs are kept outside and to enter the restaurant you needed to navigate up two stairs. Doesn’t sound like…

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Teppan Edo – Japanese Habachi Grill

I am still writing about Disney at least once a week on my blog “What’s for Dinner Moms?”. Hope you will join us over there!

What's for Dinner Moms?

Teppan Edo

We have never eaten in Japan other than at the counter service restaurant, Katsura Grill, which we try to stop during every trip for a combination platter. We have made reservations in the past at Teppan Edo and ended up canceling because they never fit into our plans. I thought my children would love it because they both like sushi, vegetables and seafood. We have never been to a Hibachi restaurant though. When my son was younger I was always afraid of him touching the grill at the table. With his Autism he tends to be very impulsive and though he can usually control his impulses now, when he was little… It was just better to be safe than sorry.

When I received an invitation to the Disney Social Media Mom’s Conference 2015 and decided to take my daughter with me the first thing I did was ask her which…

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Columbia Harbour House

What's for Dinner Moms?

Chicken Breast Nuggets and Fish

Whenever we are in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World we plan to eat at Columbia Harbour House. During the off hours it generally is not as crowded as some other restaurant and if you are lucky you can get a table upstairs overlooking Liberty Square.

The day we were here it was a bit crowded but we were still able to get our favorite table upstairs. It takes longer to make the gluten-free food as it is cooked to order so our order took a while to get but because it was off-peak time we were able to sit at our table until the food was prepared. This restaurant was so well run.

We had started at Pecos Bill’s and had a horrible experience just getting into the restaurant. It was crowded and everyone was trying to jockey into the 4 lines that were open. No one was…

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Carrot Cake Cookie – The Writer’s Shop

What's for Dinner Moms?

Writers Stop.

The Writer’s Shop can be easy to overlook on your way to the Streets of America or Star Tours but this little shop sells one of my most favorite sweet treats in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and definitely a top 5 snack in all of Walt Disney World.

Carrot Cake Cookie

Half of a Carrot Cake Cookie.

The sweet cream cheese filling is sandwiched between two carrot cake cookies. The filling is creamy, sweet and oozes out as you bite into it. My children always love how big it is!

This is one sweet treat you need to try! For $3.99 or one snack credit it is a must do!

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