Dining Reservation for Our Upcoming Trip

Cape May Cafe'

I am jump out of my skin excited that we will be leaving in just a few days for our trip to Walt Disney World.  Since it has been quite awhile since our last trip we decided to do a mix of old favorites and new restaurants for our dining reservations.

Our plan is to have a taste at every counter service around Epcot over the two days we are there.  We usually order one or two combo meals and split them among the four of us.  That way we all get a taste of each country but aren’t filling up on any one thing.

We are also planning on returning to ’50’s Prime Time Cafe, Crystal Palace, Cape May Cafe, Beirgarten and Citricos.   These were chosen by both children as some of their favorite places to eat.

I then chose new restaurants for us to try such as Be Our Guest (for my daughter’s 14th birthday), Tusker House Breakfast, 1900 Park Fare Breakfast and Whispering Canyon Cafe’.

We also have plans to hit as many counter service restaurants as we can in each park.  My kids, who are Disneyphiles just like their Mommy, have been talking about which food they want to try at each place and of course all the snacks!

I will be posting lots of new reviews and pictures in the coming weeks so be ready!

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