Raglan Road – Disney Springs

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What's for Dinner Moms?

Braised Be Beef - Raglan Road

We arrived two nights prior to the start of the Disney Social Media Moms Conference 2015 and wanted to spend a few days getting to different places that we might not otherwise get a chance to go to. The one place my daughter really wanted to go to was Raglan Road. She wanted to see the Irish dancers. She Irish dances and wanted to see the show.

I was able to easily get reservations for 7:00 pm. We arrived at 6:35 pm hoping to be seated a bit early but the place was packed on a Tuesday evening. We ended up waiting for 35 minutes past our Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) time. At first we were a bit upset because we were tired and starving and there was nowhere to sit. We were outside behind the restaurant listening to the Irish dance music and watching the dancers through the windows…

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