Kilimanjaro Safari – Animal Kingdom

ZebrasI love the Kilimanjaro Safari.  I know it is one of those attractions you either really love or really don’t care for.  I admit there have been times we have been to Animal Kingdom that I have chosen not to ride on the Safari because it is later in the day and the animals always seemed to be off under the trees or in the water when we went.

I got us an early FP+ for this ride.  When we arrived to go through the FP line we were surprised to see that the line to just get to the FP check-in was quite long.  Most people were struggling on how to get their Magic Bands to work against the Mickey head.  We found the best way for us was put the Mickey head on the inside of our wrist and use the pole on the opposite side.  It tended to lie flat against the pole and we never had a problem.  When you pick up your bands at the hotel they should have a little pole you can get a lesson at and figure out what works for you prior to getting to the park.  Anyways….

This day was great.  We rode about 10:30 am and it was a bit of a warm day but all of the animals were the closest I have ever seen them.  I wonder if Disney has changed how they feed and occupy the animals to bring them a bit closer to the Safari trucks.

Baby GiraffeMy kids loved all the animals.  They have probably ridden this ride at least 30 times before but this time really was different.  The giraffes were next to the road and we waited until one crossed the road near us.

RhinoOur guide on this trip was excellent.  He stopped at all the major points for us to take pictures.  I love that they have gotten rid of the “Big Red, Little Red” story line.  It seems that it allows the guides a bit more freedom to point out the animals and give us more information on them.  I liked the idea of the conservation idea but it really did not come across in the story line.

HipposGazzellesOstrich RunningEven the ostrich running along side our vehicle was a source of amusement and education.  The kids knew how fast ostriches run but to actually see them do it was great.

AlligatorsWe will be getting FP+ for this again on our next trip.



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