Yak & Yeti Food Cafe’

Yak & Yeti PlatedThis was our first counter service meal of the trip and our first visit to Yak & Yeti Food Cafe’.  I have been reading about this restaurant for years and have always planned on stopping to try it out but somehow we always end up at an opposite end of Animal Kingdom when it is time to eat.  This year I made sure to plan to be near Yak & Yeti Food Cafe’ around lunchtime.

Because we were on the Disney Dining Plan we choose to use 2 of our counter service meal credits. This would allow us to try two entrees, two desserts and two drinks.  We purchased two additional drinks for the children.

There is a fairly limited menu with 5 main entrees to choose from at the Yak & Yeti Food Cafe’. For our family of four, all of which are fairly hearty eaters, we choose to try the Beef Lo Mein ($10.99) and the Honey Chicken ($9.99).  For dessert our choices were Banana Pudding or Triple Chocolate Mousse ($3.59 each) we chose to try one of each.  Our meals came with two LARGE (vats) of soda.  Next time we will get two extra cups and split the drinks.

Yak & Yeti Honey ChickenThe entrees were served in large sized Chinese food take out containers.   Underneath the 7-8 pieces of chicken were a few pieces of broccoli and a cup or so of rice.  The sauce was sweet without being cloyingly sick.  It was on par with a decent Chinese food take-out restaurant.

Yak & Yeti Beef Lo MeinThe Beef Lo Mein was pretty good.  It definitely needed added soy sauce for my tastes but it had plenty of vegetables and a few slices of beef.

Ask for paper plates when you order at the counter if you would like to share.  The sauces and silverware are all located on a cart near the seating area.

Yak & Yeti DessertsMy favorite part of the meal though was the dessert.  The Triple Chocolate Mousse was good.  Reminded me of chocolate pudding and it was difficult for us to discern if there were any actual differences between the layers of chocolate.  But, the Banana Pudding?  Hands down the best thing we had.  I was not going to try it because I thought it was going to be that fake banana flavoring most “banana” flavored dishes have.  But this one was REAL bananas with chunks of added bananas in it.  It was yummy!  We all wished we had ordered two Banana Puddings instead of one of each.

We plan on trying some of the other entrees here on our next trip and of course getting more banana pudding!

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  1. emlmyers says:

    I love yak and yeti! such good food, and definitely a nice change from all those disney fries 🙂

  2. This year I made sure to plan to be near Yak & Yeti Food Cafe’ around lunchtime. … yecooler.wordpress.com

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