Our Trip Report – Overview

Epcot at Night

This was our first “real” vacation in three years.  Our lives have pretty much been in turmoil since the end of 2011 when we found out the company my partner worked for was being sold.  So after weathering the sale of the company, looking for a new job, moving half-way across the country, starting our kids in new schools, living in a rental house, buying a new house and settling in we were finally really ready for this vacation.

It was tough at first.  We went from -20 degrees when we left home to the 88-89 degree record high temperatures with 90% humidity in Florida. Then everything was new to us on this trip so we couldn’t rely on our usual Disney way of life.  We were in a resort we had never been to before, new section in Magic Kingdom, new Magic bands, new Fast Pass system and my children are a tween and a teen now.  What they wanted to do in the parks every time we went before they now wanted to do different activities – Sorcerer’s, Rockin’ Roller Coaster and eating around the world in Epcot were high on their list of must dos.

But by the fourth or fifth day we had finally settled into the routine that worked for us.  Every family is different and every family has to find their rhythm for how and when to tour Walt Disney World.  For us the sleep in and tour early afternoon with a dinner between 8 pm and 9:30 pm really was the best for us.  We tried the early morning be at the park before opening the first two days and everyone ended up cranky and mad at each other by 10 am.  But, if we slept in until 9 am and did not go to the parks until noon and stayed until closing we were happy and had fun together.  It worked for us.  That is what you have to find.  What works for you and your family.

After 10 full days we were ready to return to the “real” world.  We have found that 10 days at Disney leaves us feeling that we have done everything we really wanted to and we are ready to leave knowing that we will be back again to have more fun.  And, of course we are ready to book our next trip and begin the planning all over again.


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