Disney Training – I’m to the Hub

Castle Side ViewIn the past few years I have moved beyond Pooh sized to more Ursalaesque.  My weight or size have never bothered me.  I do what I want to do and don’t let it stop me.

As we approach this Disney trip though the thought of all the walking over 8 days was beginning to make me nervous.  Especially with the anticipated heat I am very wary.  So, I decided to start swimming.  I have to keep it Disney-like so I decided to take after Dory!

I figure if I can swim that far I should be just about able to walk that far.  So I figured out it would be about 40 lengths of the pool to go from the Parking Lot, down to the Ticket and Transportation Center, across on the boat, into the park, down Main Street to the Castle.  Well, right now I am at 36 so I figure I am just outside the Hub near Casey’s Corner.

I figure once I get to the Castle and can swim there regularly for a week I will start to tackle Fantasyland.  I figure once I get to 60 I can make it all the way into the park and through Fantasyland.  My goal for that is Halloween.

As they say, “Just keep swimming.”


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