Planning for a Trip Begins Now?

Castle FramedSome people are not Disney planners.  I am a planner.  I have everything planned out for my family so that the big things are covered but it still leaves us some time to be spontaneous.

So, now 7 months before our trip I am planning which parks we will be at on each day and where we will eat.  This sounds ridiculous but about 6 months before our arrival date we can begin making our dining reservations.

Want to go to Nine Dragons in Epcot?  Probably can just walk up when you are ready to eat and be seated.  But, if you want to eat at Be Our Guest for dinner or Cinderella’s Royal Table for an early breakfast?  Best to be on that phone at 180 days to secure those reservations.

We are considering actually upgrading our Disney Dining Plan (DDP) to the Deluxe Plan for the first time.  My family wants to use more 2 credit choices so I am trying to see what will work best for us.  Will it be purchasing the regular DDP and paying for several restaurants for 4 adults out-of-pocket or up-grading?  Still need to sit with the menus and a calculator but right now it looks like upgrading will be best for our family.


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