Training for Walt Disney World

Kids with LogoWhen my children were younger about 2 months before we would head out on our trip to Walt Disney World we would start a walking routine.  Knowing that we would be walking up to 5 miles a day we wanted them to be prepared for the trip.  This meant no whining about being tired or wanting to rest.

Who knew that so many years later it would be me who would need to start training for WDW?  I don’t mean training as in RunDisney training.  I envy those people and hope some day just to be able to jog, walk, heck even crawl one of their races.

I am talking about the plain old walking around Disney training.  Last time we went I was mostly in a wheelchair due to a severely sprained ankle.  This time I want to be able to walk the entire day and not feel like I need to have a defibrillator at the end of the day.

So, today I began.  I swam about 20 laps at our local Y.  My goal is three days a week swimming for 20-30 minutes to start with and 2 days of weight training.  I want to be able to put the seat belt around me on Soaring and feel comfortable.

Anyone else do the Disney training and set goals?


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