In Between Trips?


It has been quite awhile since I have posted on here.  Life has taken us in many different directions over the past 18 months (moving half way across the country, then moving again… a whole LONG story)  so we have not gone on our twice yearly trips now in over a year and a half!

But, we have found some fun ways to keep Disney a daily part of our lives.  One of our favorite things to do is over family dinners take turns asking Disney themed questions.  Sometimes they are trivia such as “What are the countries represented in World Showcase?” but more often they are the probing questions you really have to think about.

“Which Disney Princess best exemplifies each person at the table and why?”

Each person has a turn in the “hot” seat and everyone tells which Princess they think the person in the “hot seat” is and what the similar character attributes they have.  Then the person in the “hot”seat gets to tell what they think and why.  We really like these questions more since you learn quickly how your children see you especially if you start talking Disney Villians!

We also love the re-design the parks questions.  “Which restaurant in WDW would you remove and what would you put in its place?  Discuss theming, food and decor.”

Yes, we really do this just about every night at dinner.  Sometimes the kids come up with the questions.  Sometimes we come up with the questions.

Here’s one to get you started tonight-  “If you had to remove one ride in Magic Kingdom which ride would it be and what would you replace it with and why?”  Remember you have to stick within the theme of the lands too!

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