Pooh Sized Traveling – Part VI Disney Hollywood Studios

As I have said before on my blog we love Walt Disney World and how wonderful we feel when we are there.  We don’t feel like we can’t go on any rides or attractions for fear of not fitting in the seats because we do fit on almost everything!

Disney Hollywood Studios (DHS) being one of the later built parks is extremely accommodating to Pooh sized people.

Almost all the shows – Indiana Jones; Light, Motors, Action!; and Beauty and the Beast are all bench seating in a tiered theater.  You can stretch out and relax to watch the show without any concerns.

Playhouse Junior Live on Stage is a large theater but there are no seats except on the floor.  There are a few benches around the edge but those fill up quickly and you either need to sit on the floor with your family or stand in the back if you do not get a bench seat.  I sat on the floor.  It was VERY uncomfortable for me as it was very crowded and I needed to shift and stretch my legs and there really wasn’t room to do either. When it was time to go I waited until almost every audience member had left before I attempted to stand up.  It was not a pretty picture.

The American Idol Experience, Jim Henson’s Muppet Vision 4D (the seats in this theater were slightly smaller when we measured them) and The Voyage of the Little Mermaid both take place in theaters with seats approximately 16″ across and deep.   I have found the slightly smaller seats tend to be on the ends of rows but at the same time it is a trade-off as I can stretch my legs if I am on the end of the row into the aisle.  In The Voyage of the Little Mermaid and Jim Henson’s Muppet Vision 4D I have also not sat back all the way into the seat but if there is no one in front of me lean slightly forward to balance myself on the seat ahead of me.  I have found that it is much more comfortable for me rather than squashing my hips in and possibly getting a bruise.

The Great Movie Ride is also bench seating in moving cars.  If you feel that you are being pushed into a car with too many people (when it is busy they try to keep the lines and cars moving) ask to be held back and placed in a car with more room.  Be a little bit bold otherwise they may squish you in like fish.

I have not personally been on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror or The Rock-n-Roller Coaster as I do not like thrill rides of any type, but have sent my family on to try them all out.   The Tower of Terror if you can get an end seat in the front row you will be better off especially if you have a family member sitting next to you.  Tell the cast members as you enter you would like an end seat.  You will be allowed to wait for the next car if needed.  Remember to pull the seat belt all the way out as far as it will go before trying to fasten it.  In the Rock-n-Roller Coaster the front seat has a bit of extra leg room and the overhead harness fit even my 6’5″ 350 lb. brother just fine.

Toy Story Mania is a ride cart similar to Buzz Lightyear in Magic Kingdom in many ways.  We had no problem with sitting with our children next to us.

Overall, Disney Hollywood Studios is still one of our favorite parks for ease of maneuvering and being able to see and participate in activities comfortably.


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