We Hate Crowds and Still Love Walt Disney World!

Yes, that is correct.  My family hates large crowds and sometimes being around people in general.  Yet, we still love Disney World.  If Walt Disney World always looked like the above photo then my family would be thrilled.  But, Disney World would also not be in business.

It takes quite a bit of careful planning and knowing how and when to go but we seem to always find little quiet spots and go to shows and attractions when the crowds are at their minimum.

1.  Know the Disney World “seasons.”  When are Value, Peak and Premium times?  Try to schedule your trips during Value Season if you can.   But, if you cannot travel during those times you can still find little quiet spots.

2.  Have a basic plan before you head to the parks of what you want to see and when the shows are.  If you enter the parks and start looking at a map and schedules you are going to be following the crowds all day long.  You either want to stay ahead of the crowds or far behind the crowds.  We prefer behind the crowds because it lets us tour leisurely and not be rushed.

3.  Know how to use Fast Passes (FP) to your advantage.  Remember if you wait time is MORE than two hours beyond the time you get your FPs you can get a second ticket 5 minutes after that second hour.  So it is possible to have more than one FP on busy park days.

4.  Study the maps and look for the little paths that seem to meander off to the sides of the main paths.  Sometimes if you are in a hurry these can save time as they are generally less crowded than the main paths but they are also great places to sit and relax and rejuvenate before heading out again.  Around the Tree of Life,  by Liberty Square and near the French Pavilion are some of our favorite resting spots.   We can see the people walking near us but very few pass in front of us directly and the foliage and paths give the illusion of space so it seems secluded.  A drink, a snack and a bit of quiet away from the crowds can give you plenty of energy to continue on with your day.

5.  Know that there will be crowded times and don’t let it ruin your day.  If you get to the point where you are getting upset by the crowds take a break.  Either in the park or go back to your hotel to swim or nap until you can face the crowds again.

It may seem ridiculous to spend so much time planning for a vacation but to enjoy your time together a bit of planning is invaluable.  As someone once pointed out to me, “You invest time researching and planning for a major appliance purchase why wouldn’t you do the same for a vacation?”


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  1. Lucinda says:

    We like to travel behind the crowds too…and also love the secluded spots “hidden” just on the other side of busy.

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