Pooh Sized Traveling – Part III Epcot – World Showcase

As I mentioned in my previous post, Pooh Sized Traveling – Part II Epcot – Future World,  Epcot is one of my most favorite parks for ease of touring and lessening our fears about not being able to fit in attractions or at shows.

As we enter World Showcase we turn left to the Mexican Pavilion first.

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Cabellaros – This slow-moving boat ride inside the Mexican Pavilion is to showcase the tourism of Mexico.  The vague storyline is cute and the boats are reminiscent of It’s a Small World After All.   You step down into the boats to sit.  The seats are low in the boat so your knees are lower than your hips.  This seating gets uncomfortable for me very quickly but I am able to shift myself around to try to keep comfortable.  There is little leg room.

Maelstrom –  In Norway the Maelstrom is a very similar boat to the Three Caballeros in Mexico.  The seating is very similar.  At the end of the ride is a 5 minute travelogue on Norway in a small theater.   The seats are 16″ from inside armrest to inside armrest.  If you wish to bypass the movie as you enter the theater there is an exit at the top left.

Reflections of China – This circle 360 movie was gorgeous.  I was completely surprised by how different the areas of China were.  There were no size issues in this show but standing while waiting for the show to begin and then through the entire show was tough for me.  Standing in one spot very still can get painful.   Next time I will make sure my legs are well rested before I head into this show.

The American Adventure – This is one of my favorite shows in Epcot World Showcase.  The theater seating is approximately 16 1/2″ arm rest to arm restThe theater is usually not full so you can leave an empty seat next to you if necessary.  It is a great air-conditioned space to relax and rejuvenate before the next section of your tour.  There are a few benches around the edge of the main  room  to sit on while you are waiting for the next show to begin if you are fortunate enough to get one.

Impressions de France – This movie in the France pavilion is in a smallish theater.  The seats are approximately 15 3/4″ arm rest to arm rest.  They are beautiful seats, ornate and wrought iron,  but left me with a nasty bruise on my hip where the arm rest dug into my side.  We loved the movie but the bruise left me not wanting to go back very soon.

O Canada! – This Circle 360 movie is similar to the Reflections of China.  You must stand while waiting for the movie to begin and during the movie.  Again, standing still in one spot is tough for me so I got a bit wiggly near the end.  I was very glad to go out and sit down once the movie was over.

Boats between the front of World Showcase and Italy or Morocco – These free-floating vessels are a great way to cut your walking in half if you need to get to the back of World Showcase for a meal or to start your touring.  We tend to tour World Showcase over 2 days so we start at the back before the crowds set in and move our way around to the front.  The boats have ample room and bench seating for comfort.

Epcot truly is one of our most favorite parks for our entire family.


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