Kim Possible Mission

She is serious about her mission to find the Jade Monkey.  At first I was very skeptical about the Kim Possible Missions.  Running around a country to catch the “bad guy”?  My kids had never even seen Kim Possible how could they possibly enjoy this?

Was I wrong!  It is now on our must do list for Epcot.

We signed up for our Kimmunicator in Innoventions and were given a FP to return to the kiosk by Norway an hour later.  This was perfect timing as we were heading in that direction and we had not done the Mission in Norway previously.

My children love seeing the clues such as smoke billowing from a chimney, a picture changing or singing steins.   Disney does this so perfectly.  I just wish they were able to spread out the Missions starting times a bit more.  At one point my children were backed up behind 2 other groups waiting for the same clue so we went on a short mission of our own to scout the area so they wouldn’t see the clue before it was their turn.

We have completed missions in China, Norway, Germany and France.   Each had a cute surprise at the end of each mission.  We can’t wait to do the missions in Mexico, Japan and the United Kingdom.

Be forewarned though – each mission takes about 30 minutes to complete so if you are rushed for time or have Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) in another part of the world you need to plan carefully.

We can’t wait until they start the new Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom.  It sounds as if it will be similar to Kim Possible in Epcot.  Construction has already begun in Adventureland.  What a wonderful place to begin a new adventure!

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