Building Memories at Walt Disney World

Whenever I drink Pepsi from a can I first raise it to my grandmother who died seven years ago.  It has to be a can and it has to be Pepsi.

That was a big part of my growing up was going to Grandma’s house and having a cold Pepsi from her refrigerator.  So now on the rare occasion that I do drink a Pepsi, in a can, the loving memories of my Grandma come flooding back.

Grandma was also part of my first trip to Walt Disney World in 1978.  We still tell stories about Grandma riding on Space Mountain.  We laugh and remember.

We are trying to do this for our children.  They have been to Walt Disney World many times with family members.  Each trip is unique and we can go back and talk about each trip and how different they were.

The trip with all the pools and the heat was our trip with Grandma and their Aunt and Uncle.   They marvel that their 93 year-old grandmother would still go swimming with them!

The trip with Uncle Jim and Aunt Aggie where Aunt Aggie could turn any ride into a roller coaster ride including the Wedway People Mover.

And of course there was the trip with Grandma and Papa where Papa used his “go-cart” to ride around Walt Disney World.

The events they really remember about each of these trips weren’t the big expensive meals at Cinderella’s Castle or another restaurant, the number of rides they went on or even the characters they met it was the little “ordinary” moments that were made extraordinary because they were on vacation with the people they love.  These are the stories they will tell their children –  about going around Walt Disney World on Papa’s “go-cart” or how Uncle Jim taught them  how they set the lake on fire safely.

I meet so many people who stress about making their Walt Disney World vacation the perfectly memorable trip for their children.  The memories will be built, just not always where you think they will.  Let the little moments happen naturally and you will see magic and memories.


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