Club Cool

Tucked around to the right of the large fountain in Epcot is Club Cool.  It is easy to overlook if you are not aware it is there.  It looks like a Coca-Cola store, it is, but it is much more than that.

Club Cool used to be an igloo type structure that you could go into that was very cold and taste different flavors of Coke products from around the world.  It has now evolved into a store that sells everything from tee shirts to bottle openers but still is a nice air-conditioned spot to stop and taste the Coke products from several countries.

There are several tasting stations located around each pole in Club Cool.  I generally find the one farthest to the right and around the back side has the least amount of patrons surrounding it.  Just push the button once and one perfectly poured tasting will be dispensed into your cup.

It is fun to go and watch other Disney guests visiting Club Cool for the first time to watch their expressions as they try each drink.

From left to right on the machine above are:

Krest Ginger ale – Mozambique   This ginger ale is a spicy, gingery drink from Africa.  Ginger is used often for medicinal purposes and this drink is used as a mixer in Africa.

Fanta Kolita – Costa Rica  My children call this fizzy Koolaid because of its name.  It is a fruity flavored punch that they love.

Beverly – Italy  This is the most fun drink of all.  It is a very bitter aperitif from Italy used to stimulate the appetite.  There are those who love it but most find it very bitter.  Watch the faces of the first time tasters as they try to figure out what they are drinking.

Mezzo Mix – Germany  This orange/Coke flavored soda from Germany is my favorite.  It is not overly sweet but still appeals to my heavily American palate.

Vegitabeta – Japan  A vitamin drink from Japan.

Kinley Lemon – Israel  This lemony flavored drink is reminiscent of a strong lemonade with bubbles.

Smart Watermelon – China  This is my children’s second favorite drink from Club Cool.  The light watermelon flavor is deliciously refreshing.  I never knew that 40% of the world’s watermelon crop came from China.  We learn something new every time we visit.

Lychee Mello – Thailand  A lychee is a grape-fruit like fruit and this popular drink has the overtones of the lychee as its base.  A popular favorite among our family at Club Cool.

Next time you visit Epcot make sure you take a few minutes in your trip when you need a cool refreshing break to stop at Club Cool!


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  1. sakiizee says:

    I have to say my favorite thing about this place is also taking first timers to try Beverly! And I make sure to take some video!

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