Liberty Inn

June 2011

In all of my fifteen previous trips to Walt Disney World I had never eaten at the Liberty Inn located within the American pavilion.   This counter service restaurant located in Epcot is sometimes confused with the table service restaurant, Liberty Tree Tavern, in Magic Kingdom.  With my son’s new gluten-free and food dye free diet when we contacted Special Diets at Walt Disney World to find out the best spots to find food for him we realized this would be our only real choice for counter service in the World Showcase.

As you enter the doors of this counter service it is a huge room filled with tables and chairs.  The glass around two sides of the hall, brick wall on the third side and very high ceilings make the room seem bright and cheerful when empty but noisy and crowded when people start arriving.

We arrived just at opening of The Liberty Tree Inn which was 11:30 am on this day.   My family was starving as we had skipped breakfast and headed right to the park in the morning.

We rode the boat across the lake to the Italy dock.  I had sprained my ankle two days before our trip so I was sharing a wheelchair with our autistic son.  Whenever he would get overwhelmed we let him sit in the wheelchair to collect himself and I would walk for a bit.  We loved the boat as it cut down on my walking and allowed us to divide the countries in half to view over two days.

The foods are mostly typical American fast food fare.  Our chicken breast nuggets and fries were piping hot as we were the first customers of the day.  They were all white meat and deliciously crispy.

These are my children’s cheeseburgers.  One is served on a gluten-free bun with french fries cooked in a dedicated fryer to avoid cross contamination from items such as the chicken nuggets.

The only way you can really tell which cheeseburger is which is if you look very carefully at the two buns.  The one in the picture to the left is a whole wheat bun.  The one in the picture to the right is the gluten-free roll and fries.

Both children devoured these quickly as we are not a fast-food family so burgers and fries are treats when we go on vacation.  Both cheeseburgers were dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, honey mustard and mayo from the Fixin’s Bar.

My choice was the Chili-Cheese Dog that comes with a side of fries.  There was a fairly generous helping of chili and cheese drizzled over the top of the hot dog.  I scooped up much of it with my french fries before attempting to pick it up.  I quickly gave up as the chili and cheese had soaked the roll and ended up eating it with a knife and fork.

For standard American fast food we were overall pleased with our meals.   They were good quality and quantity for the prices.  The food was served hot and the well stocked Fixin’s Bar added a nice touch.

We will be stopping by Liberty Inn on our next visit even if it is only to stop and play checkers at one of the outside tables with the children or let them hula-hoop their wiggles out.

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