All Star Movies – Intermission Food Court

We actually spent very little time at the All Star Movies Intermission Food Court on this trip.  Normally we eat mostly breakfast or late snacks in the food court but due to the intense heat during our trip we spent very little time in the food court because we were in the parks early mornings or late in the evenings to avoid the heat of the day.

This food court seems to be smaller than either the All-Star Music or Sports Food Courts.  Most times that we were there, usually between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm there were few to no people in the seating area.

While we were there the food court was clean, well stocked with condiments and silverware.

Two of our party chose the bacon cheeseburger for lunch.   You can add your own toppings such as tomatoes, lettuce and onions from a small toppings bar near the pizza pick-up window.   As you can see from the pictures the burger is served on a whole wheat bun.   This bun has been the topic of a great many discussions on many chat boards as most find it cardboard like or dry and crumbly.  We found neither of these things.  Though it was not the soft white bread bun my children are used to they ate it all and had no complaints.

This was my son’s gluten-free cheeseburger and fries meal.  They cook the burger and fries in a dedicated area to avoid cross contamination from other items that may contain gluten.  He loved his meal.  For him just the simple act of ordering a cheeseburger and fries makes him feel normal as he usually cannot eat any of these items when we dine out.  We always ordered his counter service meal first as it does take 15-25 minutes to cook his meals.

This is always my favorite meal to have at the All-Star food courts.  The roast turkey is moist and can be cut easily.  The mashed potatoes and corn are a filling comfort foods.  This day you could also choose from macaroni and cheese, stuffing or green salad as your sides.

Of course each meal comes with dessert so we chose a large chocolate chip cookie and a white chocolate chunk cookie for dessert.  They were both okay.  Nothing fancy.  Nothing spectacular.  They were just plain old ordinary cookies.  I think mine are better.

But what was really special was what happened after lunch.  Two cast members came out rolling a cart and placed a sign near our table announcing Chef of the Day.

Hmmm.  They asked if our children would like to come and make their own sundaes.  They called it a “magical moment.” At no set times on no set days they just do little things for the kids.  They may decorate cookies, make sundaes or create a craft.  Each child was given a paper chef hat to decorate with stickers and crayons.  Then at the end they were each given a Certificate.

This “Magical Moment” really made my children’s day!

Overall the All Star Movie Intermission Food Court was adequate.  It was nothing spectacular but it was clean, quiet and the food was fine.  We will definitely be returning on our October vacation but most likely for breakfasts not lunches,


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