Karamell-Kuche – Epcot

I have discovered my own little slice of heaven in Epcot.  Nestled at the edge of  the German pavilion is the Karamell-Kuche shop, selling hand-crafted caramel treats.  Now yes, it is a candy store but this was the most amazing candy store to me.

The moment I walked in I wanted to bottle the smell and wear it as a perfume everyday.  The smell of sweet, buttery caramel hits you as soon as you open the door.   It instantly makes you want to buy whatever it is that smells so good.  What is it?  The freshly made Carmel Corn.

Karamell Kuche - Caramel Corn

This picture does not do justice to the wonderful flavor of the caramel and the sweet buttery smell wafting from this little bag.   The caramel corn was still warm when it was bagged and handed to me.  I bought two small bags hoping to take a little back to the room with us but by the time we walked to the China pavilion it was all gone.   The buttery caramel perfectly complemented the large popcorn pieces.  No little hard kernels or broken bits.  Just perfectly popped popcorn.

But of course we couldn’t stop with just the caramel corn.  The display cases are beautifully arranged with tantalizing treats of all shapes, sizes and textures.

You like salty and sweet?  They have chocolate and caramel dipped pretzels.

You like fruits with your sweets?  They have large caramel apples or chocolate dipped strawberries.

Sweet and Sweeter?  Cookies drizzled with caramel or chocolate.   Large caramel squares dipped in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, etc….

Most items were between $3.95 and $5.95 each with some being slightly higher priced.

I finally settled on the 2″ square Milk Chocolate Caramel.  It was a 90-95 degree day so the minute we left the shop the candy started to melt.  That was okay because it only meant we all had to take a big bite to try it.  There was silence and eyes rolling into the back of the head when all four of us took a bite.   We all declared this the best chocolate caramel we had ever eaten.

Our last treat was a 2″ square of milk chocolate fudge with a wedge of caramel in the middle.   This was beyond sweet and starting to cross into the “it makes my teeth hurt to think about it” area.  It was good but almost a bit too much for us.   Everyone enjoyed the milk chocolate caramel and popcorn but only took small bites of this.

So this little shop, sponsored by Werther’s Candy, is now my favorite shop in Epcot.   You can buy different Werther’s products to take home with you.  My favorite?  The soft caramel.  Not the same as being in Karamell Kuche but it will have to do until our next trip.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Lucinda says:

    I’ve never been inside. I’ll have to remedy this…and soon, I hope!

    1. koolaidmoms says:

      If you love buttery caramels the smell alone is worth the visit!

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