Why I Love Photos with the Characters

Crystal Palace 2007


Crystal Palace - 2011








I love to take pictures of my children with the characters.   In the first picture they were 6 years-old and 3 years old.  Now they are 11 years-old and 8 years-old.    They have grown-up on Walt Disney World and to them it is truly like their second home.   They know what they want to go to and when they should go to avoid crowds and lines.   They have seen how some of the “magic” is made and now know (gasp) who the characters really are.

But the moment you put them next to one of the characters to have their picture taken all the magic becomes real again for them and you can see the stars in their eyes.  We met Tianna and Prince Naveen in June.  My daughter was not going to go to the character meet and greet but her brother really wanted to and the line was only 3 people long so we went.   She watched them talk to the other children and then when her brother was done and we were set to walk away Prince Naveen came over to her and took her hand and brought her back to talk to them.

Tianna and Prince Naveen - 2011

So my tween was actually smiling and loving the characters again.  She knew that Tianna and Prince Naveen were very real to her and magic could happen at any moment.

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