All-Star Food Court – Pizza

June 2011

Near the end of our vacation we decided we needed a rest day.  With the heat being 92 degrees plus most days and the humidity hovering in the mid-nineties for a week we were tired and needed a break from the parks.

We spent the day at the Calypso pool which was just a short walk away from our room in the Mighty Ducks portion of the All-Star Movies resort.  Mighty Ducks though actually an All-Star Movies hotel is actually closer to the All-Star Music Food Court and main pool than the one for the Movies resort. So, we chose to spend our day at this pool.

For lunch we ordered a Pepperoni Pizza to eat poolside.  Because we did not have it delivered to our room it was 2 counter-service meal credits rather than 2 table-service credits.   A far better value to walk over to the food court rather than have it delivered.

Because we picked the pizza up when our buzzer rang it was HOT and fresh.   Was it great pizza?  No.  But was it edible?  Definitely.

It had a very thick crust with plenty of cheese and pepperoni.  Next time we decided we may ask for extra sauce on it as we like a saucier pizza but this was okay.  Because the slices were large and bready the pizza was very filling.   We had two adults and a very hungry eleven-year-old eat the pizza with almost a third of it left when we were finished.

Because our eight-year-old son follows a gluten-free diet he had his own little mini-cheese pizza that they let us customize by adding pepperoni.  Normally my son does not get to eat pepperoni as it contains soy products but we decided to let him have a bit for a treat.  He loved his pizza and was glad that he was able to have pizza just like us.

We were allowed to use our dessert credits from our counter-service meal towards two packages of carrots and celery with dip.  My children happily snacked on these for the remainder of our afternoon poolside.  We are very glad that they let us swap out the usual chocolate cake or carrot cake dessert for fresh fruit or veggies.

Our afternoon at the Calypso pool ended with trivia games, relay races and a scavenger hunt.  It was great fun for the kids and we loved being able to sit poolside, have our lunch and enjoy some down time.

Overall this is a meal we would do again.  It was great poolside and the kids both loved their time away from the parks more than they thought they would.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for posting this review. My family will be staying at the Music Resort, starting Sunday. As my 7 year old daughter is gluten free, I have been planning her meal options ahead of time. I’m glad to know they have GF pizza options at the value resorts!

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