Crystal Palace – Breakfast

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Each and every trip the one must do restaurant for my family is the Crystal Palace.   In our fifteen trips to Walt Disney World we had never had breakfast at the Crystal Palace.  All our meals have been either for lunch or dinner.  We had friends who really wanted to do the breakfast buffet and with all the wonderful things we had read about it we thought we would give it a try.

Main Street USA

Our reservations were for 8:10 am and we arrived at 7:30 am.  We were lined up and waiting with about 100 other people in a small corral off to the left hand side of the entrance.  It was already hot, 84 degrees, and we were corralled close together to make things seem even hotter.  At 8:00 am they let us all into the park.  The best thing was walking into the park and seeing how empty it was.

Cinderella's CastleWe rounded the corner to head to the Crystal Palace and ahead of us was the castle with maybe 50 people in front of us.  It was amazing.  This was definitely the best part of having ADRs before the park opens to the rest of the general public.

We arrived at 8:05 for check-in for our 8:15 am ADRs but we did not get called in until almost 8:35 am.

Our waiter promptly took our drink orders and we asked to speak to the chef regarding what my son could eat that was gluten-free and food coloring free.  The rest of us went to the buffet to get our first plates of food.

My daughter filled her plate with fruit, meat and a made to order omelette.   Her favorite item was the fresh fruit.  She was pleased to see choices other than the usual cantaloupe, honey-dew and pineapple mixture that are in most restaurants.  She quickly added blue berries, red raspberries and black raspberries to her plate.   She thought the meats were “okay.”  The bacon was limp and not overly crispy and the breakfast sausages were not overly warm.   Her ham and cheese omelette was fresh and hot.

For my first plate I tried a slice of the breakfast pizza from the children’s buffet (lower right),  a made-to order omelette (center), fresh fruit (upper left) and a bite of the cheese potato casserole.   I like just about everyone else in our party thought the made-to-order omelette was the best breakfast item.  Most of the other food that was supposed to be served hot was at best luke warm.

The pastries were average at best.  The cinnamon roll bottom center was slightly stale tasting and did not seem fresh at all.  I had hoped for much better from Crystal Palace.  The crumb cake was very fresh moist and needed a bit more topping for my taste but was good.  The chocolate croissant had just a tiny bit of chocolate filling but was a nice light airy croissant.

During our entire meal the waiter only re-filled our drinks once and it was an extremely hot day.  The place was busy but our plates sat on our table for quite a long time and our drinks could have been re-filled more often.

Overall we were not impressed by the choices of breakfast foods or the quality.  The food was not hot and often just luke warm.  Again Crystal Palace is one of our must do restaurants on each trip.  I guess for our family the lunch and dinner are the better choice.


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