Menu at Citricos

We made reservations for the children at The Neverland Club in the Polynesian and ADRs for ourselves at Citricos in the Grand Floridian.  It was our 15th anniversary and we had been to Magic Kingdom 15 years earlier for our honeymoon.  We wanted to make the most of not having our children with us for a few hours and having an adult meal.

We arrived at the Grand Floridian about 20 minutes prior to our ADR and checked in.  We only had about a 10 minute wait to be seated.  It was quite busy for a 7:00pm meal.  Most tables were full and there were several large groups 10+ nearby.


Our waiter was prompt, courteous and wished us a “Happy Anniversary.”   Our meal started off with cocktails with glow cubes.

Amuse Bouche

Our waiter brought us an amuse bouche (tiny bite) to start our meal with.  This is generally given as a complimentary item to Grand Floridian guest and those having a celebratory dinner.

The amuse bouche this evening was a deconstructed gazpacho square with shrimp on top and avocado drizzle.  It was delicious.  Slightly salty and sweet all at the same time.  This would not have been something I would normally order but I was very glad I tried it.


My partner ordered the arrancini, crispy risotto with crimini mushrooms, Asiago, and charred tomato coulis.  I tried a bite of her appetizer and was a bit fearful as I am not a fan of the texture of mushrooms.  But, I would not even have known that there were mushrooms in the dish if it had not been in the description.  I thought the center could have held a bit more Asiago for a bigger contrast but other than that it was very good.

I ordered the sautéed shrimp with Lemon, White Wine, Tomatoes, and Feta Cheese.  I have had this dish many times before and this was just as good as any other restaurant we have had it at.  I love the combination of the salty feta and the sweet white wine with the tang of the shrimp.  Sorry, no pictures as I had eaten it all before I even thought of taking a picture of it.

Oak-grilled filet of beef  with Spanish onions, peppadew and banana peppers, quattro formaggi potato puree, and glace de viande sounded wonderful so I ordered a steak for the third time during our vacation.   The steak was moist, delicious, well cooked but still I thought the steak at Mama Melrose though a lesser cut was more flavorful and tender.  The four cheese potato puree was good but did not have a heavy cheese flavor.  I was hoping for something more substantial.  The serving sizes though small were the perfect size to completely finish and not feel overly full.

My partner ordered the pan-seared red snapper with fregula “paella”, bay scallops, rock shrimp, palacio chorizo, and sherry-infused sofritto.  She thought this was the most delicious meal of our entire trip.  The snapper was delicate and well cooked.  The paella lacked a bit of bite that she was expecting but was still very tasty.  She thought an extra dash of hot sauce would have been perfect in the sauce.

The warm chocolate bananas foster tart was beautifully presented at our table.  By the time dessert arrived though we could barely eat two bites.  The tart was moist and not a heavy banana at all.  It was almost non-existent but still very good.  The best part was the delicious chocolate crown.  We broke a few pieces off to eat separately. It was a smooth and creamy with a nice dark chocolate flavor.  I wish we were hungrier to eat more but alas over three-quarters of our desserts were left behind.

Lemon-scented Cheesecake

My dessert with a little edible chocolate “Congratulations” tag was beautifully presented.  I was leery of the “lemon-scented” description on the cheesecake because I do not like heavy citrus flavors.  A bit is okay but I do not like pure lemon or lime flavors.  I asked the waiter about this and he assured me that it shouldn’t be too heavy.   The cheesecake itself was incredibly soft and creamy.  It was a bit too lemony for me but the two or three bites I did have were okay.

Overall our meal was very good.  Our waiter was attentive and our meal was brought out slowly so that we could enjoy each and every course.  The food was good to excellent the standouts being the shrimp appetizer and the red-snapper.   The atmosphere was not everything we desired as there were several large groups around us.  But, we will be making ADRs for Citricos again soon.


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