Flame Tree Barbeque

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Flame Tree Barbeque

This was our first time eating at the Flame Tree Barbeque in Animal Kingdom.  I have read a great deal about it and wanted to find out if the food was as good and the value for your money was as good as what other sites have posted. We had one member of our party place the orders with one child to help carry the items while the younger child and I found a nice quiet, secluded section far down the path.  When we arrived at 11:30 pm there were no people seated in the back sections although the front was fairly busy.

Extra Sauces, Napkins and silverware

The area was very clean with someone constantly moving between the three back sections sweeping, wiping tables and making sure the area was well stocked.

Predator and Prey

The staff was able to stop by our table several times to check on us.  My son loved her explanation that each seating area has a predator and prey represented in its decor (see picture above).  But, there is one animal that is pictured as a prey in one seating area and a predator in another.  My son was off looking to see what he could find.  He would go to one seating area look at the animals and then return to report what he had seen.  This was a wonderful way to occupy his time while we were waiting for our food.

1/2 Slab of Ribs with side of beans and cole slaw

We ordered two rib platters and a chicken and rib platter for our party of four.  The platters come with sides of coleslaw and beans.

My family devouring the chicken platter.  Sorry, there is not a better picture of the platter.  But, they were hungry!

We added gluten-free fries for our son and an order of onion rings to round out our meal.

Gluten free french fries
Onion Rings

This was one of our favorite counter service meals of our vacation.  The food tasted good, was served at the proper temperature and there was plenty to share.  We are four decent eaters and with the two extra sides there was more than enough food for the four of us.   The extremely hot weather tempered our appetites some but we still had plenty to eat.

There were two types of barbeque sauce for extra dipping on the utensils bar.  We tried both.  One was sweeter and the other was spicier and had a bit of a tang to it.  My children did not like the spicier sauce as much but they both tried it.

Our dinner with chocolate mousse and gluten-free chocolate chip cookies for my son.  The mousse was not overly sweet and was a light delicious end to our meal.

Overall we had a wonderful first experience at the Flame Tree barbeque.  The one downside was that it is outdoors and despite signs every two feet asking patrons not to feed the birds some still do.  We only had one little bird near our table which I could tolerate but my partner is afraid of birds so there was some issue over that.  The bird did not swoop down over us as birds on the patio at Cosmic Ray’s have but it was still ever-present and really bothered her.

We would definitely repeat this meal again and would even consider taking our food to Pizzafari to eat inside if needed.


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