Cosmic Ray’s Startlight Cafe

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It had been an incredibly hot vacation.  This day the heat was 90 degrees plus humidity over 90%.  Being a true Northern family we were NOT dealing well with the heat so had switched our plans to touring late in the evening and staying at the parks with the Evening Magic Hours (EMH).  We arrived at Magic Kingdom on this day at 7:00 pm.

We needed something quick to eat so we headed to Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe as it seemed to offer the widest variety to suit all of our tastes this evening.

Menu at Bay 1

Menu at Bay 2.

Menu at Bay 3.

Of course my family wanted something from each Bay which required standing in three different lines and ordering and delivering food to them three different times.  But, we did it.

My son ordered a GF hamburger on a GF hamburger roll and specially cooked fries in a dedicated fryer.  This takes about 15-20 minutes to make as all the foods have to be specially done on a separate dedicated space.  He absolutely loved it.  It is not often he can go out to dinner and order a cheeseburger with fries and at 8 years-old sometimes all he wants is a cheeseburger and fries like everyone else.

My daughter ordered the ribs with green beans and a side of french fries (substituted for the mashed potatoes).   She loves ribs and these were no exception.  She wished her food was warmer as it was about room temperature when she ate it but she did eat all the ribs.

  This was where our meal took a turn for the worse.  Both my partner and I ordered the Cheese Steak Sandwiches.  We should have asked questions before we ordered.  It was not the strips of steak or a Philly Cheese Steak typed sandwich like what we are used to having.  This was a finely chopped greasy mess with melted cheese on top.  You could not see the meat when it was placed on the tray as it was completely covered in orange cheese sauce.  I added onions from the toppings bar while my partner added mushrooms and onions to hers.  (Side note – LOVE the toppings bar.  It was well stocked and had some wonderful choices to help bulk up any meal.)

But these sandwiches were basically inedible.  We each at less than 1/3 and were fine with that.  We did eat the french fries dipped in the cheese sauce, delicious.   But, decided we would not be eating a Cheese Steak sandwich at Walt Disney World any time soon.

Overall we had a good experience at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe and will definitely be heading back.  We were at the restaurant late in the evening so it was no crowded, it was clean and there were plenty of tables for us to choose from.  Next time I think I will have the chicken and ribs combo that we had on a previous trip.

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