Cape May Cafe

Trip Report – Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It has been many years since we last had dinner at Cape May Cafe and after reading mixed reviews on-line I knew I needed to go back and find out if it really had changed much.

I love going to the Beach Club Resort as it is always so bright and airy the moment you step in the door.  We checked in 15 minutes before our 5:30pm Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR).  Our buzzer went off within 10 minutes and our party of 7 was seated in the main dining room near the buffet.

The dining room was crowded but since our party took up two tables in one of the banquettes we did not feel crowded or that someone else was too close.  I think if we had not had both tables I would have felt crowded but since the people next to us were family it was just fine.

Our server arrived after 5-10 minutes to take our drink order and let us know the chef would be out if a few moments to walk my son through the buffet as he does not eat foods with gluten or food colorings.

The seafood section of the buffet was the first section we went through to fill our plates.  There were 2 soups, a New England Clam Chowder and a Tomato Basil Bisque.  The crab legs and clams dishes were continually being filled and were always available each time one of our party went up to the buffet for another plate.On this night there was also a seafood pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, basil, shrimp and calamari, deep fried calamari, mahi-mahi and corn on the cob.  A few of the dishes change depending on the day of the week.  We were extremely pleased with all the seafood dishes.

The mussels were also plentiful on the buffet and my children ate many plates of them.

The wonderful thing about the buffet was that my son could eat almost every dish on the buffet except for 5-6 items.  We don’t often eat meals in restaurants due to his food sensitivities but Walt Disney World was the perfect place for us.

My favorite dish of the entire evening was the New England Clam Chowder.  I chose to eat two bowls of this rather than most other things on the buffet.  It had some clams, it had some potatoes and celery but the broth was thick, creamy and luscious.  All that I would want in a chowder.

My son insisted that I take a picture of his gluten-free rolls as they are not something that he normally gets when we eat out.  Very few restaurants serve gluten-free bread and even fewer offer rolls with dinner.  He LOVED these rolls as they were served warm and soft.  He even asked for seconds on his rolls and I think would have been happy with just eating rolls all evening as they were such a treat.

But, my son found many wonderful foods he could eat.  His first plate consisted of corn on the cob (front left of plate), green beans (front right), clams(front right side of plate), crab legs (over the top of the plate) and underneath it all a piece of beef.  He declared each and every bite delicious though like the rest of us he was wishing for a small fork and nutcracker to help get the crab out of its shell.

My 11-year-old daughter’s plate.  She loves seafood and could not get enough of the mussels, clams and fried calamari.  She loves cantaloupe and piled plenty on her plate only to find out once she tasted it that it was mixed with crushed mint.  She left the rest of the cantaloupe on her plate.  Underneath her roll is the one thing she tried from the children’s buffet – a slice of pizza.

I was the one who usually tries a bite of everything but this evening my stomach was revolting from all the rich food we had eaten over the last 3 days in Walt Disney World.  I tried the seafood pasta (left side of the plate), macaroni and cheese (center of plate), a slice of beef and a roll.  The two triangles at the bottom are the butter.

I thought the seafood pasta was okay but it was very bland.  The pasta and seafood were well cooked bu it could have done with a good dose of garlic, pepper or something to give it some flavor.   The macaroni and cheese was not the Stouffer’s kind that I was expecting but closer to home-made macaroni and cheese.  An extra shot of salt and pepper and that was delicious.

For dessert there were typical brownies, chocolate chip cookies and the vanilla cupcakes with white icing and mickey sprinkles.

My son discovered that he could have flan for dessert.  He had never tasted it before and it has since become his favorite dessert.  He completely devoured this entire plate!

They also served small dark chocolate Oreo bon-bons and a strawberry cheesecake.   The Oreo bon-bons were not too sweet but we loved each bite.   The part that fascinated my entire family the most was that the small red tag on the top of the whipped strawberry cheesecake was edible. It does not take must to amuse us!

Overall, we were extremely pleased with our meal at Cape May Cafe.  The restaurant was always busy and there was always a line for the buffet but it kept moving and didn’t seem to be too bad.  We never felt crowded or rushed during our meal.  We all found something that we really liked to eat and felt that overall the food was very good.  The one downside to the meal was our waitress.  Though competent, we often had to catch her eye to ask for refills on all the drinks including water and when my daughter dropped her silverware we finally got up and went to another table to take the silverware as she was waiting for quite a while to eat.  I am not sure if they were understaffed or because we were a party of seven but we felt that this was the one downside to our meal.

We have already decided to book this meal again for our next trip.


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