Mommy-School Begins

On vacations and during summer vacation my children attend Mommy-School.  We have been doing this since they were very little.  Learning does not stop the moment you leave the school room.   We believe that is actually when it truly begins.

So, for today they are making their wish list of summer activities.  My son’s list includes building airplanes, building models of buildings with Legos, science experiments and learning about the Medieval Times.  He also wants to visit all the battlefields in New York State within a three-hour drive.  My daughter’s list includes sewing, seeing a Civil War re-enactment, learning geometry and building boats.  This is in addition to the usual review of math, reading and journaling that they have to complete.

Time for my son to begin researching what battlefields we will be visiting this summer.  As they begin their wish lists it is now my turn to begin scheduling.  I see a full, fun summer ahead of us.

Maybe this will truly finally lead to the full-time homeschooling that I have always wanted to do.


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