What Am I Going to Do?

I was at a meeting yesterday at my son’s school to talk about his academic needs for next year. I want everything in place to start right off on a good note for him.

We had been sitting for almost 45 minutes when I stood up to leave. Right away I knew something was wrong as my left leg was asleep from my knee down. I took one step forward and fell flat on my face!

I have sprained this ankle MANY times in the past playing volleyball and well just being my clumsy self. This felt different though. It hurt down the outside left of my foot to almost my little toe. So after a trip to the doctors office and Imaging office to get an x-ray it is not broken as I feared. A very bad sprain in the muscle that goes over your ankle and across the top of your foot.

So now I have an aircast and a cane. I leave for WDW in only a few days. EEK! I may be using a wheelchair while in WDW. We have used a stroller as wheelchair for my autistic son in the past but this time rented him a wheelchair as he is now eight and getting too big for the medical stroller. I may be taking over his wheelchair. I am hoping lots of rest and relaxation will make it better by the time I hit the parks.

I will let you know in my trip reports how it all turns. out.

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