When It Rains It Pours

Last nights deluge reminded me of a few of our trips to Walt Disney World. It was a warm, balmy evening but suddenly there was a rain storm. So what do you do at Walt Disney World when it rains?

You go to the parks anyway! Unless it is thundering and lightening, or high winds the shows and attractions will be running fairly normally. Especially after an all day drizzle we have found some of the best times to be later in the evening as people have grown weary of being wet and head back to the hotels as they are either really cold or really wet. We have been able to walk on rides in Fantasyland several times in a row at times like this.

One memorable time when my daughter was 4 we rode “It’s a Small World After All” five times in a row. She still talks about that to this day. I know for some it may be a form of torture but for her it was pure heaven.

My son uses a special needs medical stroller so we even tuck a rain poncho around him and he stays nice and dry.

Because we drive we have a backpack of rain gear we take with us. The ponchos are a bit heavier than the ones you buy at Walt Disney World and they are ready for us to take with us if the weather is questionable but you can buy the thin rain ponchos at Walt Disney World quite cheaply.

So next time it rains and you are heading out to the parks grab a poncho and keep right on going. Splash in a puddle or two and let the child in you take over. It may be another great adventure.

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