The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

When I was making my ADRs for our May trip I decided to take on some of the most despised restaurants (with a few new restaurants) in Walt Disney World on this trip . After reading The DIS Boards and internet reviews we finally have our list ready to go.

This is also our first time traveling to Walt Disney World with our son being gluten-free and food coloring free. I will definitely report on how our restaurant service was regarding his sensitivities.

Sunday – Arrival day. Chef Mickey’s for dinner. Everyone raves about the Fab 5 and breakfast at Chef Mickey’s but whines about the dinner buffet. Too noisy, too crowded, bad food seem to be on several of the reviews that I have read. Is it true? I will return with pictures of the buffets and surrounding areas to see if I agree with these reviews.

Monday – Epcot Day. We are eating our way around the world. It is my goal to try every CS place in Epcot over our three days there. Tangerine Cafe, Yakatori House, etc… For dinner we will be dining at La Hacienda one of the newest table service restaurants in Epcot. We are also celebrating my 93 year-old mother-in-law’s first trip to Walt Disney World on this day with hopefully an excellent view of Illuminations.

Tuesday – Animal Kingdom Day. Our plan is to grab a quick bite at All-Star Movies for breakfast on our way to AK. Lunch will be at the Flame Tree Barbeque with dinner at the Cape May Cafe. We dined at Cape May Cafe five years ago and really enjoyed it then. My children are seafood lovers so they are most looking forward to the mussels, clams and crab legs. I hope they won’t be disappointed.

Wednesday – Magic Kingdom Day. We will visit Columbia Harbour House mid-afternoon for sandwiches and gluten-free chicken nuggets. Both children (my then 11 year-old and 8 year-old) still love the Crystal Palace and Winnie the Pooh characters. This was the one restaurant they both requested. Of course having the peel and eat shrimp entices them even more to want to eat at Crystal Palace.

Thursday – Hollywood Studios. With two in our party in wheelchairs we decided to take advantage of the Fantasmic dining package and have an early dinner at Mama Melrose. This place really receives mixed reviews and I am hoping that it lands on the positive side on our trip but we are prepared for anything.

We are also planning on visiting The ABC Commissary. This used to be a must do stop for us on our DHS days when they served the Cuban sandwiches and low-mein bowls. The food was good and hearty and the air conditioning led us back every trip. Over the years the quality and consistency of the food had declined to the point we stopped going. Now we are ready to try again to see if their new menu items are worth a trip back again.

Friday – Epcot. We are celebrating our 15th anniversary this evening at Citricos, without children. They will be in the Neverland Club while we are at dinner. This will be their third trip to the Neverland Club. Though my 11 year-old thinks she is getting to be too old for this I know that once she is there she will love it like she always does. For lunch we plan on visiting The Electric Umbrella or Sunshine Seasons in the Land to round out all the counter service restaurants in Epcot.

Saturday – Magic Kingdom. We have an 8:00 am reservation for breakfast at Crystal Palace. This is new for us. We usually do not dine out for breakfast as we are not big morning eaters but we are joining a group of friends and this is what they prefer. We have left dinner up to chance thinking that we can either get a last-minute ADR at a hotel or hopefully find something in the park. This will be an interesting adventure for us as we have never done a walk-up to see if we can get seating. I am very much a planner and want to know that there is a spot for us when I am ready to eat.

Sunday – Animal Kingdom. This is our last day and we will probably choose at the last-minute where we are going as we will leave directly from the parks to start the long trek home. The plan right now is for Yak & Yeti but …. We shall see where the time leads us.

So, these are our plans for ADRs for May. This will be an interesting trip with lots to report on – traveling for the first time with a gluten-free, food coloring free child; a 93 year-old in a wheelchair; our 15th anniversary; an 8 year-old autistic child in a wheelchair and the fun. I can’t wait to take lots of pictures and report back on our findings.

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  1. Lucinda says:

    It sounds like you have a very yummy week planned. Glad you joined the Disney Blog Hop!

    I’ll be waiting to read about your gluten-free experience. I’ve had to go the gluten-free route since my most recent trip in February of 2010 (too long ago!)…so I’m anxious to see how Disney restaurants measure up with my restrictions. I just know they’ll do it right!

    Still no trip planned yet for me…but hopeful it’s coming up soon. 🙂

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