Annual Passports for Walt Disney World

We have purchased Annual Passports for Walt Disney World in the past but over the last few years have found when using room discounts, free dining or ticket discounts offered by Walt Disney World our trips were often much cheaper for us. It all depends on your family and how you travel. For our travels during the next year we are thinking of returning to Annual Passports as the deals seem to be less and less helpful for our family.

We would need to purchase 3 adults and 1 junior passport. Our 10-year-old is considered an adult in the eyes of Disney, something she does not hesitate to remind us, repeatedly. The 3 adult Basic Annual Passes would each be $499 plus $32.44 in taxes. The 1 junior Basic Annual Passes is $450 plus $29.25 in taxes. That would be $1,947.00 plus $126.57 in tax for a grand total of $2,073.57.

For an additional $138.45 per adult and $124.61 per junior we could upgrade to the Premium Annual Passes which allow in addition to all the same benefits as the Annual Passport a year’s worth of unlimited access to: Disney’s Oak Trail Golf Course (green fees only), Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park and Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex (days of operation depend on event schedule) and DisneyQuest Indoor Interactive theme park. For us it is not worth the price difference as we do not golf nor visit the water parks but for many families it may be worth the extra cost.

We are planning a seven night trip in May with family. We have run the numbers and because we are traveling with other family members it is best for us to stick with the free dining at this time. But, for our trip in October we are going to go with the Annual Passports, buy the Tables in Wonderland card ($75 for one year) which will allow us 20% off restaurants in WDW and hopefully a room discount. This will allow us to return in April and October next year on the same passes and TIW card. For us it will be about 30 days on the passes or about $16.67 a day. Well worth it for us.

When looking for the best deals from Walt Disney World it is always important to make sure that you know how your family travels and what may be best for them. If you travel more than 14 days to WDW in a year it may be worth looking into Annual Passes. Do the math and check it out.


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