Phoebe’s Mom

In the television show “Friends” the character of Phoebe finds out that her mom has tried to protect her by not letting her completely watch television shows or movies. Phoebe finds out as an adult that Old Yeller had rabies not babies as her mother had told her.

For years I have been known as Phoebe’s Mom by many of my friends. I seriously limit the television shows and movies that my children are exposed to. They are 10 years-old and 7 years-old. Starting from when they were very young I would not event let them watch all the Walt Disney movies. Until they were about 4 years old they could only watch Mary Poppins and Winnie the Pooh. I approved of those two because they are the only two Walt Disney movies without an evil villain.

Think about it. Cruella De’Ville. Ursala. Scar. Why do I need to expose my children to the evil aspects of life so soon. It will happen soon enough in real life why do I need them to see it in movies or on television.

I was always a fan of Sesame Street and Barney. This was at a time there was a HUGE Barney backlash. I LOVED Barney. He was everything I hoped my kids would be – kind, loving, good mannered and helped where ever and when ever he could. What was so bad about those things? This was a show for 3-5 year-olds not adults anyways.

Even now my daughter comes home and tells me about how her BFF watches Glee, Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. She is 10. I still think there is too much sexual innuendo for her to be watching these shows. She and I watch Project Runway, together. There are times we have to stop and talk about inappropriate words or clothing. We watch quite a bit of the Food Network especially Iron Chef America and the Challenges.

We have just made the choice to have our cable taken out. We are going to do a one year experiment to see if our life changes once our cable is gone. I think it can only get better. Stay tuned.


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