The Difference a Great Pair of Shoes Can Make on Someone

As I write the title I realize how very shallow that sounds but it can be so true. I have twice within the last week received compliments on two very different days about how great I looked and happy I seemed. At first I dropped back into the old, “God, I really must usually look crappy” self talk but quickly set that aside and just said, “Thank you.”

So as I started to think today about what these two days had in common and I could find nothing. One was Thanksgiving I was with my in-laws. I was dressed decently in black pants, black lace cardigan with a pink turtleneck underneath and my new faux fur lined 2″ heeled shoes. The second day I finished volunteering in my daughter’s classroom and was sitting in my car waiting for school to be dismissed. Nothing even remotely close.

Except… The shoes. I LOVE these shoes. I feel like how Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz must have felt when she put on the ruby red slippers. There is nothing magical about the shoes but they make me feel magical. I stand straighter. I look forward and smile as I walk not down at the snowy ground afraid of every little bump and stone that I may trip over in the road.

They are not strappy, cute little sandals. They are not adorable silk flats. Instead they are sturdy, thick soled loafers with a solid heel. Pretty much like me. Sturdy, thick and solid. Things that I used to think were bad words but I now realize they mean – can’t be easily bent, swayed or broken. I am strong and I have shoes that remind me of that. And they look good too.

I guess I really can say – “Every woman needs a great pair of shoes.”


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