Le Cellier to Become 2 Credits on the Disney Dining Plan

Walt Disney World has recently announced, after much speculation, that Le Cellier will become a 2 credit restaurant on the Walt Disney World Dining Plan during dinner hours. This change will not take place until March 1, 2011, but for those making Advanced Dining Reservation plans this may cause some to rethink their dining plans.

Is Le Cellier worth 2 credits? It depends. If you are getting a great cut of perfectly cut beef, with sides, dessert and appetizer, probably. But for a smallish cut of meat with miniscule sides? (See my review of LeCellier with pictures). No.

Would we eat there for 2 credits? Maybe if we could not get reservations in Japan, Morocco or Germany first. I think there are many great overlooked restaurants that we will go back to first before using 2 credits at Le Cellier.

The lunch menu will still remain as a 1 credit dining experience but I think many former diners may be switching to lunch and it will become even harder to get an Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR).

We shall have to wait and see what other dining changes are coming from Walt Disney World.


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