Pop Century Resort

Mickey Phone – 1970’s Building

This was our first visit to the Pop Century Resort. We were pleasantly surprised by the cute themes for each section of the hotel. Each group of buildings – 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s each had their own themed sections with the quotes of each decade around the top of the buildings such as “What’s your handle?” or “Talk to the hand.”

We were in the 1970’s section where each outside stairwell was covered by a giant 8-track tape. The main courtyard between the buildings was built as an oversized Fooseball table and the archway into the building had a 4 story Mickey telephone in front of it.

Twister Board

There were permanent Twister Boards and spinners at several locations in front of our building section. We had to stop each night for a quick game before heading into the room.

The kids also loved the giant Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head statues that we passed each time we went to and from our car.

A ’60’s Building with the Hippy Dippy Pool Spraying Flowers in front

Baloo and Mowgli stand guard in front of the stairwells of the ’60’s buildings

The rooms seemed a bit smaller than the All-Star Music, Movies and Sports but I think it was mostly in how they were set-up. In the past when we have stayed in the All-Star resort areas the head boards of the bed were next to the door for the adjoining rooms. This time the beds were across from the door. Which made the rooms feel smaller as there was not the three feet of space between the beds and the dressing area.

The beds, no matter what they are labeled, are truly two full sized beds. Being a family of what many at Walt Disney World refer to as “Pooh”sized people, two adults would be a very tight squeeze in these beds. We each slept with one child the entire week which was still a tight squeeze as we have two children who toss and turn all night.

The rooms have cute themed pictures and borders on the wall but that is all. There are no lamps other than wall mounted lights and one table with two chairs. If you are looking for luxury this is not the hotel for you. If you are looking for a room just to sleep in and plan on spending most of your time in the parks or pools this may be a great deal. The Value Resorts are the least expensive hotels on Walt Disney World property and in off peak season some great deals can be found leaving you with a bit of extra money to spend in the parks.

So if you are looking to visit Walt Disney World on a budget The Pop Century Resott can be a great option as you are still part of the WDW hotel system and are offered all the benefits of staying on property such as bus service to the hotel from the airport, bus service to the parks and Downtown Disney, Extra Magic Hours and the Disney Dining Plan if you choose to purchase a package deal.


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