Nine Dragons – Dinner

December 13, 2009

We had no intentions of being in Epcot on this day and had advanced dining reservations (ADRs) at Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom. But, when I sprained my ankle earlier in the day all plans went out the window. We ended up at Epcot as it was the easiest park for us to get to in our car and maneuver around in a wheelchair.

On one of the most crowded weekends of December the only restaurant in Epcot that we could get an ADR for was Nine Dragons in China at 7:30 pm. We were not pleased with this choice but knew that it was our best option.

We arrived at the restaurant exactly on time and were immediately seated. The tables in the main dining room were in long rows very close together. I was seated in the aisle and they offered me a chair to transfer to so that they could take my wheelchair out. I could not stand at all so I asked them to please take the chair away and that I would stay seated in the wheelchair.

Our server arrived to explain our menu options and take our drink orders. We chose the Nine Dragons Family Dinner for the two adults.

Childrens’ Appetizers

First to arrive were the childrens’ appetizers. One ordered the spring rolls and the other ordered the pot stickers so that they could share. They enjoyed the spring roll dipped in the plum sauce. I was able to take a small bite and they were very hot and crisp inside and out. The pot stickers were gummy as they were steamed and then lightly fried. Both children claimed that mine were better as they are fried.

Chicken Consomme with Pork Dumplings (top picture)

Hot and Sour Soup (bottom picture)

The Chicken Consomme and Pork Dumplings and the Hot and Sour Soup were typical of any Chinese take-out joint that we have ever ordered from at home. Nothing spectacular.

Childrens Deluxe Meal – Sweet and Sour Chicken, Lo Mein and Meatballs

My children both love Chinese food and vegetables. The meal choices for children were limited but they were pleased with this choice that combined Sweet and Sour Chicken with Lo Mein. We were all wishing that the Lo Mein had Chinese vegetables with it and not just raw carrots on the side.

Sweet and Sour Pork with Spinach Noodles

I was pleasantly surprised when this dish was presented to me. I had been expecting heavily coated chunks of pork with the sweet and sour sauce on the side. The chunks of white pork meat were delicately battered and fried then covered with just the perfect amount of sweet and sour sauce. They were presented on a bed of spinach noodles which were perfectly cooked, slightly al dente, for me and piping hot. From the first bite I was pleasantly surprised once again with how wonderful our experience at this restaurant was turning out to be.

Honey Sesame Chicken with Rice

My partner chose the Honey Sesame Chicken with Rice as her entree. Though her portion appeared to be smaller than mine she was pleasantly full by the end of the dish. An extra portion of rice was brought out to her during our meal quickly and piping hot when we received it. The chicken was battered and fried with a coating of just enough honey to make it sweet and sticky and a sprinkle of sesame to not make it too sweet.

Caramel Ginger Ice Cream

I was concerned about the ginger in this as I am NOT a big fan of candied ginger. When I spoke to the waiter he assure me I would barely notice it. He was correct. Tasting more like a lightly flavored ginger snap than caramel the ice cream was delicious. It was a nice light ending to our meal.

So for a restaurant we did not want to go to we enjoyed our meal very much. Though this probably won’t be at the top of our list again for awhile as there are so many places in Epcot to eat we will definitely not hesitate to eat here again.


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