Starring Rolls Cafe – lunch

December 6, 2009

Most people walk right by Starring Rolls Cafe not even noticing it tucked back on the corner of Sunset Boulevard or think it is part of the Brown Derby Restaurant which is right next door. There are a few tables with umbrellas and the counter is tucked in the back behind louvered doors. Starring Rolls Cafe is an excellent spot to grab a quick breakfast of bagels or croissants while heading off into the park or a small lunch on the go.

Starring Rolls offers a very limited lunch menu of Black Forest Ham Sandwiches, Whole Wheat Veggie Pitas and Turkey Foccacia starting at 11:30 am until they run out.

Black Forest Ham Sandwich

We chose to try the Black Forest Ham Sandwich which was packed with almost half a pound of ham, honey mustard (with a vinegar kick) and peppery watercress to finish off the sandwich. It was delicious. We easily split this sandwich between one adult and one child. Served with a side of Miss Vicki’s Chips this was an inexpensive and filling lunch. Our total was $9.19 for the sandwich, $1.79 for the chips and $2.49 for a large drink (all before taxes) not bad for a Walt Disney Park lunch.

Marble Cupcake

For dessert we decided to try the creamy looking Marble Cupcake. This was a bit disappointing. It looked so unbelievably good and it was good but not as delicious as we had hoped. The cake was a bit dry and out of proportion to the frosting. The chocolate core in the frosting was gooey and fudgey in texture but not in taste. If I closed my eyes I could not tell it was supposed to be chocolate in flavor.

The kids loved it none the less and there was not a crumb to be found when we were all done. Maybe next time I’ll try the Praline Cheese Cake.


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