Tony’s Town Square – Dinner

December 7, 2009

The last time we ate at Tony’s Town Square restaurant my daughter was 18 months old and there were Winnie the Pooh characters there because Crystal Palace was being refurbished. This trip my daughter is 9 and we have added a 6 year old son since then. So it has been a long time.

We were 10 minutes early for our 5:30 pm reservations and had to wait about 15 minutes for a table. We were seated in the glass enclosed room with a table overlooking the front porch. We were hoping to be done in time to see Spectromagic at 7:00 pm. but figured if we were not maybe we could see a bit of it from inside.

Bread Basket

The bread basket was brought out to us as soon as we ordered. The rolls were the same rolls that are served at almost every restaurant in Walt Disney World and soon became a bit of a joke for us as we wondered if they were the ones left over from our dinner the previous night. These tasted like they had been brushed with a bit of garlic butter so they were a bit different.

Chicken Parmigiana

I ordered the Chicken Parmigiana as there seemed to be very mixed reviews on this dish and being the adventurous one that I am I had to find out why. After a few bites it became very clear to me the mixed reviews. The sauce was delicious. Thick and heavy with a hearty tomato flavor and hints of garlic and oregano. Just as I like it. The chicken parmigiana was buried beneath a thick layer of mozzarella with a sprinkling of Parmesan Cheese on top. The coating of the chicken was well done. Not overly greasy or mushy mixed with a bit of the cheese and sauce it was one of my favorite meals that I have had in a long time at Walt Disney World.

The problem came as I tasted the huge plate of spaghetti that was buried under the chicken. It was overcooked and slightly mushy not al dente as I prefer my pasta. It appeared to almost have been covered in tomato juice not sauce as there was a definite light red coloring to the pasta but none of the heavy hearty sauce that was on top of the Chicken. It was flavorless and bland. There was not enough of the red sauce for both parts of the dishes.

I struggled to eat two-thirds of the chicken but I left the entire plate of pasta (minus one bite) untouched. The chicken I would order again and again but the pasta can be left off next time.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin

My sister-in-law ordered this dish and could only finish half of it. She loved that the Broccoli Rabe was perfectly cooked. The meat was fork tender and the parmesan polenta needed additional salt and pepper but was still flavorful.

Shrimp Scampi

My partner ordered the Shrimp Scampi which was made with sun-dried tomatoes and asparagus in a garlic butter sauce. She had the same complaint about her pasta as I did in that it was overcooked. The dish featured six large shrimp and about as many asparagus spears mixed into the pasta. She praised the flavor overall but the dish was far too large and she ended up picking out much of the main ingredients and leaving the pasta behind.

Seafood Diavolo

When my brother-in-law ordered this dish the waitress asked if he liked spicy because this had a bit of a kick to it. He assured her he did. This dish did have a bit of a bite to it but was not prohibitive in its spice. If you look closely at the picture you can see that his dish was full of Clams, Mussels, Calamari, Shrimp, and Salmon. He was unable to finish this extra large portion but did pick out all the seafood he could find claiming it was perfectly cooked.

Cheeseburger Calzone

My 9 year-old daughter choose the garden salad with Ranch dressing and the Cheeseburger Calzone for her entree. My daughter is a fairly adventurous eater and is a fairly large child so she likes things that are filling. She thought this was very “bready” so it was filling but not overly flavorful. The bread seemed to dominate the flavors and she complained she could not taste the meat and cheese as well as she had hoped. She was hoping for more of a cheeseburger surrounded by a pocket and not bits of hamburger and cheese mixed inside the dough. She ate 75% of the meal and seemed fine.

Cheese Pizza

The childrens pizza is a fairly generous portion. My 6 year-old son thought it was great when he saw it. Just about the size of a salad plate he ordered carrots and celery for dipping in Ranch dressing as his side. Perfect for him.

Lemon Walnut Layer Cake

For dessert I ordered the Lemon Walnut Layer Cake. There was an almost audible gasp from our table. I am a self avowed chocoholic and almost never order anything else for dessert. But, I was so full from the heaviness of the Chicken Parmigiana that I could not even fathom eating one bite of chocolate. I was hoping that this was much lighter.

The cake was a fairly dense white cake between the layers of lemon curd. The lemon was thick and bright. I was hoping for a bit more angel food like cake but I ate two bites and let everyone else try it.

Ice Cream Bomb

Chocolate and vanilla ice cream covered in chocolate sauce. The part that was amazing to us is that when my partner dug into this we all expected it to crack like a hard shell over the top. It is almost like a fudge sauce rather than a candy coating. She proclaimed it delicious and ate every last drop.

Vanilla Gelato

Childrens’ Ice Cream Sundae

Most of the rest of the desserts were tasted and then left as all were too full to eat much.

Just as we paid the bill the Spectromagic Parade started. We were hoping that they would dim the lights in the restaurant a bit but they did not. So I quickly gathered up the children and we stepped out onto the porch to view the parade. We were able to find a small space near the railing by the rocking chairs so that the children could see the parade. They LOVED it. This is my favorite parade too. It is so whimsical and magical it makes me feel like I am 12 again. I was very glad we got to share it with the kids this trip.

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