What’s the Weather Like?

Well, it is Florida so it is usually far warmer that it is here in New York!  But, that being said we have been there when it is 95 degrees and humid in December and 40 degrees and freezing in December.  You just never know.  Best way to plan is to be prepared for anything all year round.

If you are going to Florida from May through September chances are good that you will not need warm clothes (sweatshirts or long pants) every day.  But, you may wish to throw a sweatshirt and a pair of pants in your suitcase  so that if it rains or gets chilly at night you are prepared to head out to the parks or Downtown Disney in comfort.  Nothing is worse than being in the parks and shivering so much you can not enjoy your time there.

If you are in Walt Disney World from October through April chances are good that you may need sweatshirts and pants at least a few times during your trip.  We went in early November once and ended up buying several for our family after an extra chilly night at Magic Kingdom.   We rode Splash Mountain and got WET which made us feel even colder.  We were miserable when we got off the ride so we stopped at the first store we could find to buy everyone sweatshirts.  They didn’t have the sizes we needed so we had a sweatshirt dress on my son that he kept tripping over.  Very cute ,but not conducive to walking very far.

If it rains,  as it is known quite frequently to do in Florida, what is there to do?  Go to the parks!  If it is not thundering and lightening almost all rides and attractions will be up and running.  The best part about the rain is that it keeps the attendance down and even the diehards that brave the early hours usually give up about 2 – 3 pm on an all day drizzle.  You and your family can cover quite a bit of territory if you put on your rain poncho (available at all Walt Disney World stores) or bring your own as we do.  The Walt Disney World ponchos tend to be very thin clear plastic.  Ours are bright red so we stand out in the crowd and I can easily find my family and these ponchos are sturdier.  The hoods keep the rain out of our face whereas the Walt Disney World ones always seem to be blowing around on people.

We also tend to bring one dry sweatshirt per person on rainy days and pack it in a backpack.  We store the back pack either in the car or in a locker at Magic Kingdom.  When we are done for the day we have something dry to put on.  Even if it is only a top it makes us all feel much happier and warmer on our way back to the hotel.

If it is a day where you just can’t face the rain or the parks you may want to head to Downtown Disney.  See a movie.  Do some shopping.  Have a bite to eat.  We did the boxes of Mr. Potato Head pieces at the toy store in Downtown Disney and it kept our children entertained for hours in the hotel room during a hurricane watch.  Tour some of the other hotels.    Find a restaurant in one of the hotels you may not have gone to before and book a special lunch for you and your family.

Hot weather?  Well, it is Florida.  It can be very humid starting as early as April and May.  We were at Walt Disney World this past May and it was 92 degrees with 90% humidity.  We are Northerners and not used to weather like that unless it is the one day in July that it may happen.  It was tough for us but we learned to go slowly, take lots of water breaks and find indoor air conditioned attractions or snacks when we could not stand the heat any longer.

One day we even stayed at the hotel swimming until 4:00 pm when we went to Magic Kingdom for 5:30 reservations at Cinderella’s Royal Table.  The park had Extra Magic Hours that night so it was open until 2:00 am.  By the time we were done with dinner the sun was starting to go down some so things were cooling off a bit.   By 11:00 pm most of the rides in Fantasyland were walk on for us and the children had a ball.  By 12:30 am we were at Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain where the wait times were listed at 10 minutes.  My 6-year-old and 9-year-old closed the park with us that night.  It is still something they talk about – they got to stay until 2:00 am when Magic Kingdom closed!

In a few words as they say in the Lion King – “Be Prepared!” and you will have a great time.

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