Goofy’s Candy Counter – Downtown Disney

Trip Report – April 30, 2009

For a person with a sweet tooth this is heaven on earth!  Having never been to Downtown Disney before this was an outstanding treat for me.

The moment you enter the door you are surrounded by sweets in every shape and flavor.  Little tiny jelly beans to lollipops bigger than your head can all be found here.

Some of our favorites on this trip included:

The Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.  Okay, so this was not really what we expected but it was still delicious.  We expected a real peanut butter sandwich with white bread covered by chocolate.  Why?  I don’t know but instead it was peanut butter and jelly between two graham crackers with a cakey bread over the top covered in chocolate.   It tasted like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup with jelly.  Still, it tasted pretty good.  This is a definite must have on our next trip.

An inside view of the PB&J.

My Maple Walnut Fudge.  This little 2″ square was my little piece of heaven.  I slowly savored the fudge over 2 days and was so sad when the last crumb was gone.  The fudge was full of nice size walnut pieces.  It was smooth and creamy and not grainy as can happen if fudge is overcooked.  I can not wait for another little slice of this fudge on our next trip.

My dear son chose three marshmallows on a Mickey straw for his treat.  He had them dipped in caramel with rainbow sprinkles and mini-M&Ms.  This sugar overload was perfect for him.   I took one bite and it did not interest me in the least.  The marshmallows were soft but with no real vanilla flavor, the caramel was not flavorful and the sprinkles and M&Ms ordinary but he loved it.  Use your own imagination to create your own and maybe you will find a hit because I thought this was a miss.

Well there is a whole store more for us to explore.  This is a great place to use the snack credits from the Disney Dining Plan if you have them to use.  Create your own Rice Krispy treats, pretzels, Oreos, gingerbread cookies, marshmallows and apples were all on the menu.  Next trip a new fudge flavor and a few make your owns!


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