El Pirata y el Perico – Counter Service

Trip Report – May 3, 2009

El Pirata y el Perico is our favorite counter service restaurant in Magic Kingdom.  This restaurant is directly across from the Pirates of Caribbean but is only open seasonally.  We have not figured out what seasonally means to Disney so it is pretty much surprise when this restaurant is open.   On our last trip in April/May 2009 we were pleasantly surprised to find the restaurant open so we planned a stop there for lunch on our Magic Kingdom day.

This restaurant is deceptive when you first walk in.  There are several open air rooms off the area where you order so it is generally easy to find a seat.   Even in the heat of a 90 degree May day it did not seem too stuffy and unbearably hot.

For a family that likes to eat this counter service restaurant fits the bill for us.  The Taco Salad comes in a fried tortilla bowl with the taco meat in the bottom.  The rest is up to you.  There is a fixings bar that allows you to fill your bowl as you like – less lettuce, more onion and no cheese.  It is all up to you to decide.   Each adult could easily split this with one  child and still have a filling meal for both.

Another dish that can be tailored to your taste are the tacos.  The down side of this dish is that they pack the two tacos in a fry container.  After you have filled them to your liking they refuse to stand in this small dish though.  Ask for a plate and enjoy your tacos or create your own taco salad with the shells.  We did this for our children and each was full with one taco.  We used the lettuce, onions, tomatoes, olives, salsa, cheese and sour cream to create a delicious dish for the kids.  This meal would satisfy any hungry adult or two children if needed.

The childrens’ portions are far less generous than the adults.  Having two hearty eaters the childrens’ entrees left them wanting more.  The quesadilla was an extremely small (think saucer sized) tortilla with cheese. They do get carrots or grapes with the meal but it was still insufficient for my children even with all the toppings.

One sour cream packet is included with each entree.  More can be purchased for an extra fee.  Salsa and other toppings are unlimited.

One downside for us on this restaurant was that again it is not open regularly so it is hard to plan ahead as to if we will be able to stop here for a meal in our planning.  Another was that people did not know to find more tables during the busiest times in the back.   People were standing  near tables in the front (not knowing there were more tables in the back) creating a bottle neck near the counter where you order.  So people were hovering over us waiting for us to move from our table to take our seats.   We still took our time but there needs to be better signage or someone directing people to tables in the back of the restaurant.


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