Le Cellier – Dinner

Trip Report – May 1, 2009

With the kids tucked safely away at The Neverland Club we headed to Le Cellier, Epcot, for an adult only dinner.  Our reservations were for 5:00 pm and we arrived at Epcot at 4:45pm.  Ugh.  Normally not too bad.   You rush from the entrance, around to the left of Honey I Shunk the Audience, through the rose gardens  to Canada about a 15 minute brisk walk.  Not on this day.  It was 92 degrees and 90% humidity.   Not a day for rushing anywhere.  My asthma was giving me troubles and we were certain we would not make the reservation.  In fact we had tried twice earlier in the day to cancel the reservation at Le Cellier and have dinner somewhere else but when we told the concierge and the person at Epcot what we wanted to do both of them said not to cancel and just try to get there as soon as we could.  Both told us we did not want to cancel this reservation.

We arrived at Le Cellier 5 minutes past our reservation time and I desperately needed a glass of water to keep from overheating.  The host was very gracious and even brought water out for several other people who were waiting.  It was an extremely hot and humid day.  Within 5 minutes, just enough time to catch my breath and cool down,  our table was ready and we were off for our first ever dinner at Le Cellier.

As we walked into what felt like the basement of a castle it was pleasantly cool but I was thanking God I was not claustrophobic.  There are no windows in the restaurant and the tables are fairly close together.  We were seated next to a family with two small children, parents and grandma on one side and a family with older children on the other.  Not exactly what we had hoped for but the lighting was rather dim and we had made the reservation time for early in the evening so we should have expected as much.

Being on the Disney Dining Plan our meal did not include appetizers, unless we chose one of the Chef’s favorites which included appetizer, entree and dessert,  nor drinks but we could not pass up a glass of wine and a bowl of the Cheddar Cheese Soup.  I had tasted this once before at the Food & Wine Festival and could not wait for a whole bowl.  I was not disappointed.  I could taste the cheese and beer in each delicious bite.  I even used bread from the bread basket filled will three different types of bread sticks to sop up every last drop.

We both ordered the New York Strip Steak topped with bercy butter and Gruyre Yukon Gold roasted potatoes.  The picture does not do the steak justice.  It was large (covering about 1/3 the plate), juicy and cooked exactly as I had ordered, medium rare.  When I cut into the middle of the steak it had a perfectly pink to red center.  I was rather disappointed in the serving of potatoes, they seemed to be almost an after thought on the plate,  and next time may try another side.  We both agreed after eating about 2/3 of the steaks that we could not finish if we wanted dessert.

My Chocolate Mousse was adorable.   It looked far better than it tasted.  The maple leaf cookie horns were crisp and lightly flavored with maple.  This was the best park of the entire dessert.  The mousse was covered in crushed toasted chocolate cookie crumbs but really lacked the chocolate WOW I was looking for.  It was okay but definitely needed something a bit more.  Maybe a hint of raspberry or a chocolate liquor.  Something to make it a WOW and not a Meh.

We also ordered the S’more (which is no longer mentioned on the menu – this may be a seasonable item).  It was very cute.  Two chocolate graham marshmallow “cookies” with vanilla ice cream in the center topped with two marshmallows on a skewer.  My dining partner loved it.  She was fully into the presentation and very happy with it.  I tasted it and thought it was good but not something I would order.

I was looking for something maple flavored for dessert other than creme brulee and this may have been my problem.  I really wanted that flavor after having Canadian Cheddar Cheese soup and this delicious streak.  Something nice and light with the flavor I associate with Canada.  Maple.   Ice cream, scones, something.

Would we go back.  Most certainly.  I would arrange for a later dinner, order different sides and desserts but I would definitely go back.

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