Disney’s On-line Dining Reservations

I tried the new (with-in the last month or so) on-line advance dining reservation service.  It was fairly easy to navigate with a few minor glitches.

I learned that on-line reservations start at 6:01 am.   When I booked my trip they told me the date to start making  advanced dining reservations (ADRs) but you need to check this date carefully.  On site guests (at this time) get 90 days  + 10 days additional to make their reservations before other guests.  The date that I was given was the regular 90 days.  You will need your reservation number to access the 90 +10 day for making reservations.  The 90 days will change on October 27th back to 180 days prior to your vacation that you may book ADRs.

Another helpful thing I did was open up tabs on my computer and set each one to a specific restaurant that I wanted to make an ADR in the order of my preference.  So for me Le Cellier was first, Cinderella’s Royal Table was second, etc…   I filled in the information for each one so that as soon as I could I would be able to click submit for each restaurant.    This seems a little excessive to some people but if you really want those very specific ADRs at a very specific time this really was the easiest way to do it.

In the end I could not get two of the ADRs I wanted but was easily able to change to another restaurant.  The system failed me some at this point as I got into a new restaurant to make an ADR and couldn’t find a time I liked it did not easily let me switch to another park or hotel.   It took some finesse on my part to figure out how to get out and go back in to a new restaurant.

I love the new ADR on-line system.  I feel more in control and that my ADRs are not in the hands of some faceless person on the other end of the phone who doesn’t really understand what I need or can quickly change gears if I need to switch ADRs around.  The one thing I would like to see WDW do is make it even more user friendly.


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