Tusker House – Lunch Buffet


Trip Report – April 28, 2009

We tried the Tusker House lunch buffet near Harambe in the Animal Kingdom and were pleasantly surprised to find something that everyone in our party enjoyed from the slightly picky 6 year old to the  very adventurous adult eaters.

Upon entering the restaurant you are shown the stations for breads, cold cuts and cheeses, pre-made salads, childrens’ buffet, African warm specialties, the carving area and desserts.  The large cool room is similar to all the other rooms in the restaurant.  The rooms are LARGE with fans circulating the air above.  The tables and chairs are large and sturdy.  This Pooh sized person loved that I didn’t feel like I had to squeeze into this chair or was afraid to move it as it was shaped like a sturdy throne fit for a queen.  Our server came and took our drink order as we headed to the buffet.

The above plate shows garlic mashed potatoes with pork gravy,  saffron rice, macaroni and cheese,  green beans, sliced beef and Bobotie (a spicy beef filled pocket from South Africa).    The garlic mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, green beans and sliced beef were in the same vain as the rest of the buffets in Walt Disney World.  The bobotie was a delicious change from the usual fare.  All of it was tasty and warm though.


During lunch time if you have extra picky eaters they offer cold cuts with various breads and condiments to make sandwiches.  You can even get peanut butter and jelly for those who want it.  There is also a childrens’ buffet (that anyone can eat off from) that includes roast chicken, vegetables, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets.  Pretty much the same as most other buffets in Walt Disney World.


The salad bar seemed to offer the most variety of any of the standard buffets in the parks.  It included a variety of seafood, pasta and rice salads.  There was also a green salad bar to supplement any meal.  The sliced meats, beef and pork, were tender and cooked with a hint of garlic and spices.


Of course no meal is complete for this family without desserts!  We made a sampler plate so that everyone could try a bite of each dessert.  The favorites of all were the chocolate strawberry tart with the chocolate cigarette and the baklava.

Would we go back again?  Definitely this was one we will repeat.

The drawbacks?  The large rooms with rows of large tables that at times seemed as cavernous and loud as Crystal Palace.  There was also no air conditioning as in the rest of Animal Kingdom but there were large overhead fans allowing for some movement of air.  Still not quite enough for my liking.


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