Disney is Great with the Details


From the moment you enter a park to the moment you step on into an attraction or show you are surrounded by music and ambiance that helps put you in the mood for the experience you are about to have.  In the picture above notice how Spaceship Earth is on a slight incline as you enter the park.  The edges of the park are angled in to create  a visual tunnel to Spaceship Earth.  This makes it appear larger as you enter. As you pass by Spaceship Earth you will continue up a slight incline. This makes Spaceship Earth appear smaller when you are in the World Showcase as this is not what Disney wants you to notice about being in the countries. They want you to actually feel like you are in the countries not in a theme park.

This same idea is used as you enter Magic Kingdom and look down Main Street you don’t notice it but Main Street is on a slight incline and the buildings on either side are angled in slightly to draw you down Main Street toward the castle. This forced perspective makes the castle loom even larger in front of you. As you walk by Tony’s restaurant (think Lady and the Tramp) notice the doggies footprints in the sidewalk. As you head down Main Street read the upper windows and look for Walt’s name as you go.

As you enter Adventureland you hear drumming as you cross the bridge from the hub and the foliage changes too. It is now large palm fronds and coconut trees lush and full green foliage as you picture what it may be like on a tropical island. As you step into the ques for the Jungle Cruise look around at the items left behind from previous travelers. Read the travelers notes and look for the clues as to what awaits you on your journey. The Pirates of the Caribbean will take you deep into an old fortress. The gray, cold, stone walls encourage you to move deeper and deeper towards the dungeon.

Each step of your day is surrounded by ambiance to help evoke smiles, laughter or feelings and emotions to help you enjoy your day. You may not even be aware of it but stop. Look around and take notice of the great details. See what you can find for yourself. Here are a few of our favorites:

– The 13 lanterns on the tree in Liberty Square representing the 13 original colonies.
– The picture of Mr. Toad in the Winnie the Pooh ride (Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride was a previous attraction near this area).
– The path to the left of Space Mountain that meanders over to Toon Town. This area is rarely used by guests and provides a nice quiet resting spot to regroup and watch the trains go by.
– The head stones at the Haunted Mansion.
– The man bathing on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and the laundry hung out to dry.

What are your favorite things that most people just walk by or ride by and never notice?

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