My Mickey Moms Interview

I am extremely exicted today as there is a small article about me and my family in the Mickey Moms Club Newsletter for September!

The article from the newsletter is reprinted below:

Meet Marci, a Mickey Mom from NY

Marci, a 42-year-old stay-at-home Mom in Rochester, approaches her love of Disney as a student striving to gain more knowledge. While her experience so far easily qualifies her for a “Disney Bachelor’s Degree”, Marci is constantly seeking additional Disney secrets and tips to earn that magical PHD. Luckily her partner, Ann, and her two children are only too happy to help Marci with her homework!

Marci knows firsthand that a Disney vacation can offer an unexpected perspective. Shortly after learning of her son’s autism diagnosis, Marci’s family visited the Walt Disney World Resort. After seeing his older sister dressed up as a princess, her son requested a Peter Pan costume which he happily wore around the park. The highlight of their day, however, was when Peter Pan himself paid special attention to his miniature counterpart during the Wishes parade. Watching her son’s face light up as Peter Pan waved to the family, Marci knew everything was going to be ok.

Marci’s number one tip to families preparing for a Walt Disney World vacation: have a plan but don’t try to stick to it too closely! In order to keep from wearing out your family, pick a few attractions that are must-sees and make them a priority. Once you’ve completed your to-do list, everything else will seem like a magical bonus!

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