Book the Trip Yourself or Use a Travel Agent – Step 7

As with everything else with a Walt Disney World vacation there is a great deal of debate about whether it is best to use a travel agent when booking your trip or to plan it all yourself. We have done both. My best answer is it depends.

Do you have time to watch for new deals coming out from Walt Disney World if you are looking for the best price on hotels, meal and tickets when you will be there? Is free dining better than a Buy 4 Nights Get 3 Free deal? Do you enjoy “crunching” numbers and trying to find the best deals? Will you need a room only reservation? Do you have Annual Passports or be buying them on your trip?

These are the types of questions you need to think about when deciding between book your own trip and using a travel agency. When we were Annual Passport holders (AP) we booked our own rooms as we already had the tickets and often found the best discounts on rooms only came with using our APs. We drive to WDW so we did not need flights booked either.

The last few years the package deals offered by WDW have been so great that we have used a travel agent, Deanna, at Small World Travel. She has booked our packages, notified us when a better deal came out and let us know if we needed to change something to take advantage of it and let us decide if we wanted to or not. She has also made the Advanced Dining Reservations (ADRs) for us and that in and of itself really helped a great deal.

Packages are also offered by AAA and other travel agencies so you may wish to look into these to see what they provide.

If you book on-line through the WDW site you can book your own flights or they will add it on for you. You can choose your meal plan, tickets and room and get the final price right then. You will need to put a $100 deposit on your reservation which can be canceled up to 45 days before the first day of your trip to WDW. After that you will lose your $100 deposit. Remember to check periodically to see if any new deals come out. You will need to cancel your first reservation and book a new reservation to take advantage of the new deal if one comes out.

Which ever way you plan to book your room now is the time to do it!


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