Cinderella’s Royal Table – Magic Kingdom

Trip Report – May 3, 2009

How fun would it be to have breakfast, lunch or dinner in Cinderella’s castle? We love it! Our favorite time to go is for an early dinner after being arriving at the park early for rope drop and spending a magical day in the Magic Kingdom.

No dinner would be complete without first greeting the Princess of the castle. A photographer takes a picture of your group in one pose of your choosing. My Peter Pan and Tinkerbell were in awe of the beautiful Cinderella.

When you arrive on the second floor for your seating you can see out of the bank of windows over Fantasyland. When you sit down you forget that you are in Magic Kingdom and feel like you are enjoying a meal in a royal castle.

The Royal Dining room.

Our little prince chose a combination meal of grilled chicken with pasta and cheese, mixed vegetables (green beans and shaved carrots) and a fruit salad. He really liked the pasta and the chicken breast was about half eaten by the end of the meal.

Our Princess chose the Mahi-Mahi combination with rice, garden vegetables and yogurt parfait. She enjoyed the light taste of the Mahi-Mahi and the yogurt most of all. There was quite a bit of rice on her plate and she could not even finish half.

One queen started their meals with a BLT salad. This salad surprised us in that it was a wedge of iceberg lettuce with tomatoes, bacon and onions grouped around the plate. The dressing was drizzled across the plate. The salad was good but the presentation surprised us.

Then I started my meal with the corn and crab chowder. This thick chowder packs a surprising kick with a little peppery aftertaste that lingers on your tongue for a few moments. The crab was not in chunks as I thought it would be but was rather seemed almost indistinguishable in the chowder. Still overall delicious.

We both chose the prime rib with the fingerling potatoes and asparagus for our entree (pictured above). The slice of prime rib was slightly fatty but still cooked just the way we prefer. They could have added just a few more potatoes to the plate but over all we were pleased with the entrees.

The children choose a Royal Sundae for dessert. The chocolate crown was the highlight of the meal for them. They loved that they were treated like a prince and princess.

We chose to end our meal with the chocolate cream cheese buckle. It was more than enough to end our meal and in fact the two chocolate lovers that we are were unable to completely finish this rich dessert. The outside was slightly overcooked and dry but the center was delicious. Just like our children we both enjoyed the little white chocolate Celebrate Today disc.

Of course no visit to the castle would be complete without a visit from its other inhabitants. The two mice from Cinderella arrived to the music of Bibbi-Bobbity-Boo and pranced to each table for hugs, kisses and pictures.

Finally the Fairy God Mother arrives to present a short, under 5 minute, show. She does not go to each table as the mice do but rather waltzes around the floor singing and interacting with the entire dining room. She sings a song about wishes and at the end when everyone wishes hard enough little lights flash around the room to symbolize the wishes being sent out.

Overall this was an enjoyable experience for all of us. The only truly negatives were the check-in area and the feeling of being rushed.  There was no order to the check-in just a mob of people standing in a small area trying to push their way in to check in for reservation times that were quickly approaching as others were trying to get reservations for a later time. Also the door to the new Bibbity-Bobbity-Boutique area is right off this area too. So not only did you have all kinds of guests trying to get to dinner reservations but also hair appointments too. This is one area that Disney should definitely improve upon.

With our waitress we were promptly greeted and seated but everything seemed to happen so quickly that we had to finally ask her to please slow down.  Our entrees were ready before we finished our appetizers and we asked that they be removed until we were done with our salad and soup.  The waitress gave me a strange look but she did what I asked.  If she had not I would have asked to speak with a manager.  This is a meal that I am paying for.  Bringing all my food at once is not going to make me eat faster and I will end up sending it back anyways as by the time I am ready to eat it it will be cold.  I wish it still had that nice relaxing dinner feeling to it instead of an attraction that you are supposed to leave when the show is done.