Cap’n Jacks – Downtown Disney

Trip Report – April 30, 2009

We finally went to Downtown Disney on this past trip. After 14 trips and never taking the time to visit we finally felt it was time. We are very glad we went.

The best thing about Cap’n Jacks was that at lunch time we were one of only 4 families in the entire restaurant. It was quiet, relaxing and a great rejuvenating spot after 5 days of loud bustling restaurants in the park.

I started off the meal with a cup of New England Clam Chowder. I figured because we were in a seafood restaurant that this would be the thick, chunky, creamy chowder I was hoping for. I was partially correct. It was thick but not particularly tasty or chunky. There were a few clams that were visible and a few chunks of potatoes but not at all what I expected. It was tepid at best. I began to worry about the rest of our meal.

I did not need to fear. When dear partners Blue Crab Melt arrived (pictured above) I felt much better. This large crab cake was topped with smoked mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and Cajun-mustard aioli on focaccia bread, served with Napa cabbage slaw. She could not even finish the entire sandwich and she is a hearty eater.  The crab-cake was exactly that mostly crab and not too stuffed with “fillers.”  It was a refreshing and interesting twist on a crab cake.

My lunch portion of shrimp and penne pasta in a creamy lobster sauce was a perfect size. The shrimp were perfectly cooked. The lobster sauce was delicious. I was hesitant to order this as I have had lobster sauce in the past that was “fishy” tasting but this had a nice white wine undertone to it.  It left me full but not feeling stuffed.
The children both had the Very Berry Smoothie to drink. Both children thought this was a great addition to the soda and water that they had been drinking all week in the parks.

The childrens’ menu was extremely limited. Dearest daughter ordered the macaroni and cheese which came with a side of Goldfish crackers. The serving size was very small. This was the typical macaroni and cheese served at all of the Walt Disney World restaurants.

Dearest son chose the even more ridiculous Peanut Butter and Jelly Uncrustable served with a side of apple slices and Goldfish crackers. Seriously. At a seafood restaurant I would have a least hoped for shrimp, fish or crab cakes on the children’s menu. But there were none. How very sad.

The adults ended their meal with fruit salads to go. We were so full from our entrees and chowder that there was absolutely no room for dessert. Besides the fruit salads make a nice breakfast in the room the next morning.

Overall though. We truly enjoyed the meal here. Mostly for the atmosphere and the adult entrees more than anything else.  The childrens’ menus need work to include seafood and their portions need to be re-sized as they seemed best to fit small children 4-5 years old.


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